Thursday, October 04, 2012

UDBa DOWN UNDER - Documentary film

UDBa DOWN UNDER - Yugoslav spying in Australia - a documentary film


A documentary film by Sasha Uzunov. The shocking true story of how during the Cold War, Communist Yugoslavia managed to outsmart Australia's spycatchers Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) and through a dirty tricks campaign discredit emigre Croats, Macedonians and others opposed to the regime. 

Preview /trailer no 5 - UDBa down under - Dr Georgi Trajkovski - Yugoslav Master spy?  

Longtime Australian-Macedonian activist Vasil Rendev talks about Yugoslav diplomat Dr George Trajkovski's activities in the mid 1970s in Melbourne, Australia.

Preview / Trailer no 4 - UDBa down under - MOSCOW GOLD?

 Legendary Australian newspaperman Jack Waterford reveals that the Soviets may have had an interest in the Yugoslav versus Croats showdown in Australia during the early 1970s. Award winning journalist Hamish McDonald talks about the Croatian Six case.
Preview / Trailer no 3 - UDBa down under -The Zhivan Rendev interview 

In 1975, Zhivan Rendev, a young idealistic Australian-Macedonian student, was given a scholarship to study in Macedonia, then under Yugoslav communist rule. He recounts the regime's paranoia of "foreigners."
 Preview /Trailer no 2 - UDBA down under -

The Yugoslav Communist secret police - UDBa
Deadlier than the Soviet KGB
Cheaper to run than the American CIA
Smarter than Australia's ASIO & ASIS !!
Preview / Trailer no 1 - UDBa down under - 

Interviews with ex-NSW Police (Australia) Detective Roger Rogerson; Croat-Australian journalist Branko Miletic & Australian-Macedonian community activist Aco Talevski.


Anonymous said...

what is exactly your pisition or conviction?

UDBa was monumentally benign compared to equivalent agencies in Western countries

US, UK, Australia, were primary adopting countries of Nazi war criminals and this translates in ongoing wars and pursuit of one-world elite with the rest including you as obedient flunkies


UDBa also used ex Ustasha, Chetniks as informers. It also used pedophile priests such as Kacavenda who was blackmailed into spying on other Serb Orthodox priests plus bank robbers such as Arkan. UDBa's legacy is that many of the warlords & criminal chiefs emerged in the various republics post 1991.


Many of the Worlords post 1991 were ex UDBa. Plus what justification did UDBa have in targeting Macedonians, the bulk of who fought against Nazi Germany & Fascist Bulgaria?


I dont have a "pisition" ...

UDBa KILLINGS - the statistics don't lie. Krste Crvenkovski's "accidental role" the Rankovic Affair of 1966.

You'll find there werent that many "extremists" as Yugoslav ruler Tito made out that there was... UDBa's killings can be broken into two periods: from 1945 to 1966 and post 1966...

From 1945 to 1966: it is believed that there were 5 or 6 UDBa assassinations

Why is 1966 a critical period..?

Most of the killings happened after 1966... At least 30 to 40 kills.

This was because UDBa boss Aleksandar Rankovic, a Serb, was as to not alarm the Serb people, a Macedonian communist Krste Crvenkovski was used to do the dirty work, as in head a commission of inquiry but secretly pushed by Tito, who wanted to keep his hands clean... Later when Crvenkovski was of no longer any use he too was forced into retirement by Tito and Lazar Kolisevski in 1974.

Tito authorised the campaign to kill Croats... when this got out of hand, he introduced the Croatian Spring, a movement aimed at "liberalising" the Yugoslav regime but pretend and when this got out of hand he came down hard on that...His friend Franjo Tudjman was arrested. Tudjman has himself acknowledged that Tito secured his release...

That is not to say that there were people or groups who wanted to destroy Yugoslavia and who threw bombs etc. But with the West backing Tito because of the Cold War there was no way the US would support the break up of Yugoslavia up till the early 1990s.

That is why a Croatian faction developed led by Dr Branko Jelic which tried to link up with Moscow and have a Croatian independent "socialist" state within the Soviet Bloc. Jelic was assassinated by UDBa in Berlin, Germany in 1972, two years before the suspcious death of Macedonian dissident Blagoja Sambevski. There is reason to believe that the CIA actually sanctioned the UDBa hit, crazy as it sounds... But Communist Yugoslavia feared a Soviet invasion, since splitting from Moscow in 1949...the Soviet invasion of fellow communist states of Hungary (1956) and Czechoslovakia (1968) added to the tension.

It was all about manipilating the Serb-Croat conflict so that Tito would look like the saviour...

What proves that there werent as many extremists as was claimed, it was the Slovenians who broke away in 1991. There is no recorded killing of any Slovene dissident or "extremist" it was deliberately Croats and Serbs or Macedonians who were targetted ... Tito then used this Serb victim card to ironically to partition Serbia and create the autonomos provinces of Kosovo-Metohija and Vojvodina in 1974.. I'm surprised the Serbs were fooled into it. But as I have said when you play the victim card all the time there will be people who are smart enough to manipulate you...