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1973 - Serb leader says Croats set up

Australian-Serb community leader in Canberra says Croats set up by Yugoslav government over "terrorist" bombings !

The Canberra Times - 24 March 1973.

Croats 'given bad name' - INCIDENTS BEING STAGED'

A leading member of the Australian Serbian community said yesterday he was convinced that Croatians in Australia were being given a bad name to appease the Yugoslav Government over genuine opposition to the Belgrade - regime.

The Serbian leader, who at first agreed to the use of his name, said later he had been advised he could be victimised if it were published.

A statue of the Yugoslav World War II Chetnik leader. General Mihailovic  outside the Serbian Church in Forrest was guarded during the visit this week of the Yugoslav Prime Minister. Mr Bijedic, because of fears that it might be attacked.

The statue was bombed about two years ago. The Yugoslav Embassy has complained of its presence in Canberra.

'"It was guarded because we feared that Yugoslav communist agents in Australia might bomb it and use this as an excuse to attack the Croats", the Serbian leader said.

"I fought with Mihailovic during the war against the Germans and the Italians who occupied our country and against their allies.

"I believe that incidents have been deliberately staged by the Yugoslav secret service in Australia in order to bring suspicion against the Croats.

"I have no time at all for Croat extremists but I believe that the Yugoslav communists have arranged many of the incidents for which they have been blamed.

"Once they have convinced the Australian Government to wipe out the Croat opposition to them they will start on the Serbs, the vast majority of whom also oppose Tito and his methods".

The Serbian said it appeared that many of the bombing incidents being blamed on Croats were the work of other parties. Large numbers of Croats working in construction and allied industries knew how to use explosives to get their full effect.

One particular explosion in Melbourne which had received great publicity he believed to have been "staged". The explosion had blown outward from its reputed target. Any skilled Croatian explosives expert would have known how to direct it inward, so as to destroy the property.

Link:  To Canberra Times story (archive)

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By Sasha Uzunov
We broke the story some time ago about a Yugoslav Military Counter-Intelligence agent (KOS) posing as journalist by the name of Zoran Pavlovic who was on a visit to Australia in 1976.
He came to the attention of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) which noted:
"Pavlovic has visited Australia previously...Pavlovic is a former Army man..."
There was a second Yugoslav intelligence (UDBA or SDB) operative. His name was Milos Curcic, who arrived in Australia in 1969 and worked as a correspondent for TANJUG, the official Yugoslav state news agency.
Curcic was a curious fellow, a wanderer who spent time in Austria, Germany and even Iraq in the late 1960s undertaking some interesting tasks.
He has the dubious distinction of being sacked by both pro-Yugoslav newspapers in Australia, Novosti and Nova Doba, before starting up his own short lived paper called Jedinstvo (Unity) in 1972 and which folded about 1975.
Where he got the funding remains a mystery but sources in the Melbourne Macedonian community have told us that there where some naive Macedonians who kicked in some bucks to Curcic.
In an interview with prominent Serb journalist Marko Lapusina, Curic made the extraordinary claim:
"Pre dolaska australiskih ustaška u BiH, na planinu Radušu 1972. godine, gde su hteli da izvedu ustanak i stvore novu NDH, objavio sam spisak 80 ustaša na petom kontinentu i njihove veze sa tajnom službom ASIO - seća se Ćurčić. - Zbog toga sam u Hrvatskoj proglašen za najopasnijeg jugoslovenskog novinara, koji „ruši Jugoslaviju, bratstvo i jedinstvo“.
Kaže da ga je zatim saslušavala australijska tajna služba ASIO. Pitali su ga: „Vi ste prozvani kao komunistički agent? Da li se bojite smrti?“. Odgovorio je: „Nije me strah. Ubićete me ili vi iz ASIO ili jugoslovenska SDB!“.
Curcic claimed he published a list of 80 "Croatian terrorists" who in 1972 planned an attack in the Radusa mountains in the then Yugoslavia.
He further claimed that these Croats were being backed by ASIO. We now know this not to be true because of ASIO's acquiescence to UDBa/SDB in its set up of six Croats on false terrorism charges in Australia in 1979-80.
Curcic fits the role of agent provocateur/trouble maker used effectively by UDBa in destroying opposition abroad, rather than the Western stereotype of a debonair covert agent.
It was something that ASIO had trouble understanding. We tracked down the ASIO files in which Curcic is named, and not suprisingly Curcic admitted to ASIO he was an UDBa / KOS operative. It was met with disbelief.
The curious character, TANJUG correspondent Milos Curcic, came to the attention of ASIO in 1972-73...over his role in Yugoslav intelligence operations against Australia's Croat community.
Curcic also claimed he infiltrated the emigre Albanian community in Europe.

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Newly de-classified Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) documents reveal that an Australian man, Lewis Kent, later to become a Federal Member of Parliament had a direct link to Alexander Rankovic,  the infamous Chief of Yugoslav Intelligence (UDBa / SDB) and deputy to Marshal Tito, in 1964 and was certainly working as a spy for communist Yugoslavia in Australia.

Marshal Tito's Number 2 running operations in Australia

by Sasha Uzunov

Photo: Serbian National Archives. Rankovic with cigarette holder talks with Serb Orthodox Bishops, Belgrade, 1961.

The National Archives of Australia has just released the second ASIO volume on Lewis Kent (Volume 1)... It released Volume 2 first.

In a 1965 a Commonwealth Police report to ASIO, a bunch of letters were intercepted which reveal that Lewis Kent and his sidekick Marjan Jurjevic (an associate of Australian leftist politicians Jim Cairns and Bill Hartley) were instructed by the very Chief of UDBa, the infamous Alexander Rankovic, who later fell in 1966 after being discovered tapping Tito's phones, to provide intelligence for Yugoslavia under the cover of a group called the Yugoslav Settlers Association (YSA) in Australia

The equivalent would be Yuri Andropov, the Chairman of the KGB, directly running an US Congressman as a spy... This is an incredible find...

The document also reveals that prominent people in Skopje, The Socialist Republic of Macedonia, then a part of the Yugoslav federation wanted to be included in the loop. 


Our previous story: link 

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AUSTRALIAN MP - a Yugoslav spy?

Was Lewis "Bata" Kent  (1925-2014) - an Australian Labor Federal Member of Parliament an intelligence operative for Communist Yugoslavia?

by Sasha Uzunov

LEWIS "BATA" KENT - Federal MP for Hotham (1980-90)

Team Uzunov exclusive - after a 2 year wait our application for access to Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) documents is finally processed

EXPLOSIVE: ASIO files reveal a former Australian Federal MP, before entering parliament, wanted in 1964 to bomb Croat activists in Australia...

In a 1982 ASIO report on Federal MP, Lewis Kent, his "activities" were listed:

7-1-1964: "Kent suggested that they set fire to the home of Srecko Rover [controversial Croat leader in Melbourne, Australia] and that other known fascists would be given attention (either by fire, bombing or by kidnapping)

on 13-2-1964 Kent said: "we will have to burn ROVER's home, then the church, everything."
In 1964 Kent had dinner with the Yugoslav Consul General, Dejan Popovic, on a visit to Melbourne.

In the same year Popovic telephoned Kent twice during a visit to Melbourne and visited his home.

In 1976 Kent invited Dr Georgi Trajkovski, Yugoslav Consul General in Melbourne and believed to be the Croatian Six set up mastermind, to dinner.

Kent was chairman of the controversial Australian Yugoslav Welfare Society, set up by Trajkovski, and which was accused of spying upon members of the Croat, Macedonian communities in Melbourne.

source: ASIO file available in the National Archives of Australia.www.naa.gov.au

AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL POLICE (formerly Commonwealth Police)

You have to shake your head in amazement at Australian law enforcement and counter intelligence "naivety." Australian Federal Police Agent, DetectiveSenior Sergeant Arnold 'stumbled upon the fact' that an translator used to examine seized Croat documents was also close toYugoslav diplomats.

In fact Detective Snr Sergeant Arnold spoke to the man at a Yugoslav consulate cocktail reception for Aco Petrovic, from the Serbian Matica, visiting Australia in November 1983.

This is an AFP report handed to ASIO and inside Lewis Kent's ASIO file.www.naa.gov.au

In another report from 1983, Kent got in contact with Anton Buneta, identified as a Yugoslav intelligence officer by ASIO.

Money shot quote:
PLO TELLS YUGOSLAVIA - we'll choose our friends, Left wing Croats !

LEFT ON LEFT & "Radical Croat Chic" - In the 1980s a splinter group, HDP, from the mainstream Croatian nationalist movement emerged, moving to the left and aligning itself with "progressive forces" such as the Australian Trotskist group, the Socialist Workers Party... but also agitating for Croatian independence from Socialist Yugoslavia.

In the ASIO file of ex Federal MP Lewis "Bata" Kent, Kent, a hardcore leftist himself and supporter of Tito's Yugoislavia, was determined to destroy this group...HDP and its links with the Australian Left.

It also undermines the stereotype of all "Croatian nationalists" being labelled as right wing Ustashas, as was being pushed by Socialist Yugoslavia at the time.

Radical Croat Chic & George Seitz

In 1982, the HDP organised a dinner-dance in Melbourne, Australia and invited a representative from the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO), Anton Shaer, and the Irish Republican Movement, Barry Hughes to give a talk. Also present was the ALP MP for the state seat of Keilor, Australian-Croat, George Seitz.

The event was reported in the local Croatian newspaper, Hrvatski Tjednik and a copy sent to PLO Heaquarters in Damascus, Syria. On finding out, Yugoslavia, a long time supporter of the PLO, protested.

The money shot quote: "PLO will choose its friends."

ASIO took this development very seriously...the Croats playing the "leftist card."

UPDATE - TEAM UZUNOV EXCLUSIVE - 1986 declassified ASIO document lodged with the National Archives of Australia - www.naa.gov.au

OUTRAGEOUS - The domestic Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) slams Australian Federal Police (AFP) for doing investigative work for Yugoslav Intelligence (YIS or UDBa/SDB) by passing on addresses to Yugoslav consulate staff in Melbourne. That man Georgi Trajkovski is at it again... see link for background story

1986 ASIO report: quote: "We now have the extraordinary situation of the AFP doing owner-occupier checks for YIS [Yugoslav Intelligence Service, UDBa/SDB] officers enabling them to carry out intelligence gathering interviews in Aust. [Australia]."

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Yugoslav agent (KOS) posing as journalist? 

by Sasha Uzunov

The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) was paying close attention to a visiting Yugoslav "journalist" by the name of Zoran Pavlovic in 1976.

The ASIO report noted:

"Pavlovic has visited Australia previously...Pavlovic is a former Army man..."

Pavlovic, according to ASIO, lied in his visa application about being a journalist but was discovered to be a high ranking official in Novosti, the Yugoslav Communist newspaper in Belgrade, a subsidiary of Borba newspaper.

ASIO revealed that Pavlovic was a man of many talents: businessman, negotiator on behalf of the Yugoslav government, an official with the Serbian Matica (Emigres Institute), of which there where six from each of the then Yugoslav republics: Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Hercegovina.

The Matica served as a parallel diplomatic service and was a training ground for diplomats and intelligence officers who monitored the various ethnic groups of Yugoslavia.

Reading between the lines he was probably an officer with KOS - Yugoslav Military Counter-Intelligence, which worked hand in hand with Yugoslav State Security, UDBa or SDB.

Pavlovic, according to ASIO, was in Australia this time to take over the local version of Novosti newspaper and place it under Yugoslav government control.

 The 1976 ASIO documents

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Exclusive:  BLAGOJE SAMBEVSKI - died of natural causes

by Sasha Uzunov

In 1974 a Macedonian anti-Communist dissident Blagoja Sambevski, an opponent of Tito's Yugoslavia and Secretary of the emigre organisation DOOM (Movement for the Liberation and Unification of Macedonia), was found dead at the hotel he was working at as a night porter in Munich, West Germany. 

The Yugoslav intelligence service (UDBa /SDB) was believed to be behind his death, however, German police has just revealed that his death was ruled to be of natural causes after an autopsy was conducted.

The official statement in German translated reads:

"Mr. Blagoje Sambevski was found dead on 01.08.1974, at 10:00 clock, at his workplace, a hotel in Munich, Schillerstrasse. 11 a.

"The body was autopsied on behalf of the Munich Public Prosecutor at the Institute of Legal Medicine Munich.

"Because his death was due to natural, disease-related, it was not recorded as a murder by the police nor the prosecutor.

"Bavarian State Police investigations in the context of Ex-Yugoslavia associated from the 1960s to the 1980s revealed there was no connection with the death of Mr Sambevski. There is also no current investigation into the death of Mr Sambevski.

If you have any evidence which could prove that killing of Mr Sambevski, please contact us at the Bavarian State Police."

Offical response from Detective Chief Inspector Herbert Linder, Bavarian State Police:

Sehr geehrter Herr Uzunov,

Meine Recherchen haben ergeben, dass Herr Blagoje Sambevski am 01.08.1974, gegen 10.00 Uhr, an seinem Arbeitsplatz, einem Hotel in München, Schillerstr. 11 a, tot aufgefunden wurde.

Der Leichnam wurde im Auftrag der Staatsanwaltschaft München I im Institut für Rechtsmedizin München obduziert. Aufgrund der dabei erhobenen Befunde wurde von einem natürlichen, krankheitsbedingten Ableben ausgegangen. Deshalb sind zu diesem Sterbefall weder bei der Polizei, noch bei der Staatsanwaltschaft Unterlagen archiviert.

Nach Auskunft des für die Ermittlungen im Zusammenhang mit Tötungsdelikten an Exiljugoslawen in den 1960er bis 1980er Jahren zuständigen Bayerischen Landeskriminalamtes liegen auch dort keine weiteren Erkenntnisse im Zusammenhang mit dem Tod von Herrn Sambevski vor. Es werden deshalb auch aktuell keine Ermittlungen zum Tod des Herrn Sambevski geführt.

Sollten Ihre Recherchen weitere Anhaltspunkte oder Beweise ergeben, die eine Tötung des Herrn Sambevski belegen könnten, wenden Sie sich bitte an das Bayerische Landeskriminalamt in 80636 München, Maillingerstr. 15.

 Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Herbert Linder

Erster Kriminalhauptkommissar


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William "Bill" Hartley (1930-2006) was an Australian hardcore ALP Victorian Socialist Left heavy hitter, who developed close links to the Arab world and was a supporter of the Palestinian cause. He was also tight with the Gadaffi regime of Libya (1969-2012). 

According to a declassified Australian Security Intelligence (ASIO) file, Hartley placed a phone call on 15 March 1973 to the Yugoslav Consul General in Melbourne, Stanisa Cvetkovic, wanting to speak with him. Cvetkovic was on a plane flight to Canberra.

The receptionist disclosed Cvetkovic's whereabouts to Hartley; she asked Hartley not to reveal her indiscretion !

Hartley's call  coincidently was a day before Attorney General Lionel Murphy's raid on the Melbourne ASIO heaquarters in 1973. link to further story

The raids on ASIO were conducted in light of the visit of the Yugoslav Prime Minister Djemal Bijedic on 20 March 1973.

Hartley during the phone call made a big song and dance about how he was close to the Yugoslav Embassy in Canberra, in particular the First Secretary.

Was Hartley tipped off by Murphy's office in advance? Was the Yugoslav Consulate General in Melbourne also aware of the raid before hand, which would explain Cvetkovic getting out of town and heading to the Yugoslav Embassy in Canberra? This can only be speculation, wild speculation at this point. Or there is an innocent explanation, in that prepartions were being conducted for the impending visit to Australia by Yugoslav Prime Minister Djemal Bijedic on 20 March 1973. (Bijedic is pictured below with Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam-on the right of photo).

Interestingly, another de-classified ASIO document, an intercept, reveals there was a phone call from a staff member from Senator Murphy's office wanting to speak with Franjo Rukavina, Cvetkovic's deputy at the Yugoslav Consulate General in Melbourne, on 19 April 1973, a month after the ASIO raids. The recepetionist would not give out Rukavina's private home number.

One of the key foreign policy objectives of Australia's Prime Minister Gough Whitlam (1972-75) was to develop links with Tito's Yugoslavia, who in turn had excellent relations via the Non-Aligned Nations Movement with Arab countries such as Libya and Iraq.

In 1975 Hartley together with Australia's Prime Minister Gough Whitlam and ALP National Secretary David Combe raised $500,000 election campaign funds from the Iraqi regime but the money never arrived--a middleman embezzled the cash ! see link for further story

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Naum Panovski: US based film maker and a "Charter member of Macedonia's City of Skopje Elite." source: Fokus

by Sasha Uzunov
SKOPJE STRIKES BACK: What did we say about City of Skopje arrogance? See my previous article link
I quote a "Charter member of the City of Skopje Elite"- Naum Panovski on the diaspora:
"Роден скопјанец, дипломира на Факултетот за драмски уметности во Белград, а повеќе од две децении живее во САД. Тоа е кусото претставување на режисерот Наум Пановски. Предава на неколку универзитети во Вашингтон и во Њујорк, а главна преокупација му се демократијата и индивидуалните слободи.
Тоа што отскокнува од мнозинството во дијаспората, преокупирана само со национални теми, го објаснува со социолошката матрица на луѓето. „Тие луѓе можеби студирале таму, но ментално живееле во своите прилепски или ресенски села, па така тие сѐ уште говорат на дијалект, живеат во своите енклави“, вели режисерот за „Фокус“"
It's disappointing to see a well respected reporter Jadranka Kostova not quote anyone in response to Panovski's arrogant assertions that America's Macedonian diaspora is narrow-minded, xenophobic and primitive. The full story can be read in Fokus here - link 
Aaah, let's see... who kept quiet before 1991 about Amnesty International complaining about Yugoslavia's political prisoners? Ahh, let's see who supported a system, Yugoslavism, which had become morally bankrupt by using informers such as pedophile priests such as Bishop Vasilije Kacavenda?
Members of Macedonia's City of Skopje elite or those who adopted a Yugoslavist Belgrade cafe intellectual pose: they criticse others for having a pack mentality, yet they all think, act and talk the same like a cookie-cutter. Where is the "diversity?"
It's ironic that this guy lives in the West... and can't stand people using their dialects but it's ok for this guy to use "official" standard Macedonian, hijacked by the elite and filled with City of Skopje terms.
Finally, we are now seeing these people really bare their teeth and remove the veneer of "culture" and reveal their true characters....
Notice how his views are intolerant....an interesting irony... He complains about American-Macedonians for having "anglicised" first names such as John and in doing so is playing the Macedonian nationalist card but is critical of others. It's called hypocrisy. Should atheists complain that his first name Naum is from the Hebrew biblical name of Nahum?
Notice the Scam if you don't view the world the way he does:
1. If you criticise the elite, you first get hit by humour and if that fails with insults, ie villagers (selani).
2. If that doesn't work, you get criticised for being a "Macedonian nationalist."
3. If that doesn't work, you get criticised for not being a "Macedonian patriot."
Can you not see how the system is designed for the elite to always win and the diaspora to lose?
We have witnessed the flipside of when Macedonians, in trying to be "cool" adopt an internationalist or in the old days, Yugoslavist position. They in effect embrace a de-facto Serb nationalist position. Take Australian soccer star Bobby Despotovski, for instance.

Bobby Despotovski's infamous three finger salute in 2001.
We track down the Australian Immigration records (National Archives of Australia):
SLOBODAN "BOBBY" DESPOTOVSKI - Macedonian father, Cvetko, and mother, Valentina, nee Saharov (her parents Martin & Margareta Saharov from Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine/Russia). Cvetko, born in Celopek, Macedonia and Valentina Saharov born in Kacarevo, Pancevo, Vojvodina province, Serbia, then Yugoslavia. They married in Vojvodina.
Bobby Despotovski was born in Perth in 1971 but went back to Pancevo as a baby, which despite being in Serbia has a very large Macedonian minority who moved there after World War II.
So the question is how did a guy born in Australia to a Macedonian father, a mother of Russian or Ukrainian ancestry, without a drop of Serbian blood and who moved to a part of Serbia, Vojvodina, which is ethnically mixed with a very large Hungarian population, ethnic Russians, Romanians, as well as Serbs end up embracing a Serb nationalist identity?
Bobby Despotovski (convert to ultra-Serb nationalism)...
An Aussie footballer, Perth Glory's Despotovski enraged fans of Melbourne Knights - formerly Melbourne Croatia - in 2001 by mimicking the three-finger salute Serb soldiers gave after brutalising Croats during the Yugoslav civil war. Despotovski was attacked as he ran for the team bus.
'At the end of the day it was politics,' he said. 'Serbs against Croats.'
Yes, but Bobby you're not Serb ! - see link 

Perhaps, Naum Panovski should be asking why someone in "diverse" and "cosmopolitan" Vojvodina acted in such a manner rather than venting his spleen on the American-Macedonian diaspora and by extension Australia?

PANOVSKI'S ILLUSION - shattered by the ugly reality of Kacavenda.
Belgrade Cafe intellectuals such as Naum Panovski reveal their naivety or their own bias in defending a system, Tito's Yugoslavia, which had to use secret police informers such as pedophile priest Vasilije Kacavenda as well as criminals, bank robbers and gangsters such as Arkan as hitmen in the 1970s.
It tells you of a polticial system that was morally bankrupt and based on an illusion, funded in part with Western cash because of the Cold War.
This is the "utopia" that Panovski longs for and when the so called "Utopia" collapsed, he moved to the West...to greener pastures but now re-packages himself as a kind of "dissident" or "anti-nationalist" but ironically ends up as a "Yugoslav nationalist."
A lot of these guys and gals do...because it's their "identity" which they have chosen but no one else is permitted to determine their own identity. It has to be determined for them by the likes of Panovski, which is the behaviour of the authoritarian, the dictator.
But they can't see that, only the faults of others. But their own illusions or intellectual quicksand have now been revealed.
It's also disingenous and intellectually lazy to equate "Macedonian assertiveness" on par with say Serb ultra-nationalism of Slobodan Milosevic. No doubt he doesn't want to feel excluded from the Belgrade cafe intellectual millieu. If people want to identify as Macedonians that is their right to do so.
Funny there is no mention of Panovski in any Amnesty International documents in the 1980s, unless I've missed something.


It's a pose that these guys and gals from the Balkans strike in order to impress their Western counterparts... but when you examine their intellectual foundations it's kind of mush that doesn't hold upto any kind of scrutiny....people claiming to be "anti-nationalist" but in their doing so they end up being "nationalist" and longing for a system that was morally bankrupt.

George "Gjorgija" Atanasoski - American Macedonian businessman and an influential member of the diaspora. George's company sells components to NASA.
Naum Panovski or that matter a Member of the City of Skopje elite: Degree from Belgrade University.
Has the 'Elite' invented anything or involved in hi-tech? No. Despite their 'Belgrade cafe cool' have they invented say a mobile phone? No. A more efficient coffee machine so they can sit in the cafe and enjoy a hot brew? No. Ahaa..!
But somehow, according to Panovski, the diaspora is primitive...Panovski's assertions are those of a man suffering from an inferiority complex who needs to bellitle others to make himself feel superior.