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ALBANIAN NAZI STATUES - message passed to Berlin via Canberra?

by Sasha Uzunov

Germany’s Ambassador to Australia Dr Anna Prinz has given an undertaking to pass on grave concerns to Berlin from the Australian Macedonian community over controversial World War II Albanian Nazi statues installed over the last decade in Macedonia by that country’s mainstream ethnic Albanian political parties.

An official statement from Ms Silke Mahler, Germany Embassy spokeswoman:

“On behalf of the Ambassador I would like to thank you for your email. We have passed that on to our colleagues responsible for these issues."

TEAM UZUNOV blog began an investigation into these statues - including one of Xhem Hasa (below), an Albanian nationalist who was a commander of a Nazi quisling militia, known as the Balli Kombetar, in Macedonia during World War II. The Balli Kombetar was a disparate group which included some who actively participated in the Holocaust.

According to British academic, author and Oxford University Professor, James Pettifer, Xhem Hasa (also known under the nom de guerre of Gostivari) was Fascist Italy and later Nazi Germany’s main ally in western Macedonia during World War II.

TEAM UZUNOV blog contacted Ambassador Prinz after the German Deputy Ambassador in Macedonia had acknowledged the existence of these statues in Macedonia - in particular the Gostivar region in the west of the country - and gave a bland undertaking to take action:

“Let me assure you that Germany intensively faces up to its past and particularly the history of National Socialism [Nazism].

“Germany therefore supports several initiatives and promotes a wide-ranging dialogue related to these issues, also in the countries of the Western Balkans.

We will continue to foster this important culture of remembrance in the future.”  - see link here

Nothing concrete as such as happened in Macedonia. Instead there has been a deliberate silence.

TABOO SUBJECT? Political expediency?

The issue remains taboo for the simple fact of political expediency. The Albanian political bloc in Macedonia, which is responsible for these statues, is a staunch ally of the West, namely the US, and discussing these statues does not present a positive image of both Washington and its Albanian allies. The most obvious question is how can people purporting to be campaigning for “human rights” and “Euro-Atlantic values” in Macedonia evoke Nazi collaborators as heroes and build statues to them? Moreover, the Albanian political bloc supports Macedonia changing its name because of Greek nationalist demands. Greece itself has issues with rising neo Nazism, namely the extremist group Golden Dawn. Likewise, Ataka in Bulgaria.

It is an interesting juxtaposition but there are no Nazi statues in Germany, which was the birthplace of Nazism.

US Ambassador to Macedonia, Mr Jess Baily 

The US Ambassadors to Macedonia and Kosovo respectively have declined to comment or even acknowledge the existence of these Albanian Nazi statues. see link here

Australia’s Ambassador to Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia, Mrs Julia Feeney has expressed her concerns over these statues as well as the drift in Europe to extremism. - see link here

Macedonia’s Embassy in Australia was contacted for a response over Australian Macedonian concerns over the Albanian Nazi statues but as yet no statement has been forthcoming. - see link here

Macedonia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dr Bujar Osmani (above left in photo), from one of the Albanian nationalist parties responsible for erecting the Nazi statues, has also not responded. see link here

France’s Ambassador to Macedonia, Mr Christian Thimonier (photo on the left) issued a statement where he did not want to comment just yet. That was nearly two months ago ! - see link here

Friday, June 15, 2018


Ms Greta Stanoevska, Charge d’affaires, Macedonian Embassy in Canberra, Australia. Photo source SBS radio - see link

Team Uzunov blog got in contact with the Macedonian Embassy, in particular Ms Greta Stanoevska, the Charge d’Affaires, the temporary Ambassador, with a series of questions about events in Macedonia. An email was sent to her on 4 June 2018 - three days before she gave an interview for Australian state broadcaster SBS radio.

She has declined to comment on the questions in detail other than giving an undertaking that they have been forwarded - kicked upstairs - to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Skopje, capital of Macedonia, for an official response.

TEAM UZUNOV blog has had difficulty in the past with both the previous Gruevski and now Zaev governments of Macedonia in getting responses to questions.

Ms Stanoevska: “For me these are hypothetical questions. From my point of view- non politically-- may not be correct [the questions posed].”

Team Uzunov blog response: “There are Albanian Nazi statues in Macedonia, that’s not hypothetical. There’s a statue of Xhem Hasa [World War II Albanian Nazi collaborator] Nazi statue in Gostivar. It’s not a point of view, Xhem Hasa was a Nazi collaborator.

Ms Stanoevska: “You would like officially a [response] that’s understandable....”

Team Uzunov: “Yeah, there are no Nazi statues in Germany. It’s unusual to have Nazi statues in Europe....thank you for your time.”


Question 1. Are you aware that serious allegations have been raised with the office of Australia’s Home Affairs Minister Mr Peter Dutton, over concerns that Macedonia, in particular the Macedonian government has colluded with the Greek government , in “interfering’ in the local Macedonian community -which the vast majority are in opposition to the Macedonian government’s willingness to change the country’s name in order to satisfy Greek demands? see link here

Question 2. Are you aware that the Australian Ambassador to Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia, Mrs Julia Feeney, has expressed alarm over World War II Albanian Nazi collaborator statues recently built in Macedonia by the Albanian political bloc? Doesn’t this harm Macedonia’s international image, considering Nazi statues are banned in Germany, by allowing Albanian neo fascism to remain unchecked ? see link here -

Question 3. The current Macedonian Prime Minister Mr Zoran Zaev has drawn very close to Bulgarian Prime Minister Book Borissov and his government. Are you aware that PM Borissov’s government is a coalition government which includes extremist Bulgarian Neo nazi party Ataka? Is it appropriate for Macedonian leaders to be associating with Bulgarian extremists?

Question 4. Is it appropriate for Macedonia’s Foreign Minister Mr Nikola Dimitrov to be associating with Serbian cultural hegemonist and media commentator Borjan Jovanovski, who attacks Macedonian identity and also has vandalised a portrait of Macedonia’s President Mr George Ivanov but paradoxically refuses to protest against Serb President Alexander Vucic and against Serb nationalism and corruption links in Macedonia? Doesn’t this send the wrong message to the Macedonian community in Australia? see links here and here

Question 5. Can you confirm the following for me - is Macedonia’s Interior Minister Mr Oliver Spasosvski of Serbian background? (is his mother a Serb from the Macedonian town of Kumanovo?)

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by Sasha Uzunov

Every year France commemorates the Victory in Europe Day (May 8), the defeat of Nazi Germany, and the D-Day landings at Normandy, June 6, but the country’s Ambassador to Macedonia, Monsieur Christian Thimonier has declined to condemn let alone comment on World War II Albanian Nazi collaborator statues in Macedonia that have been built in recent times by the Albanian political bloc, a key western ally.

One of the WWII Albanian Nazi statues in Macedonia. The figure is Xhem Hasa, a leader of the quisling militia, the Balli Kombetar. see links here and here 

The Ambassador also declined to comment on other issues such as name change of Macedonia - at the behest of Greece - the concerning behaviour of Macedonia’s Defence Minister Radmila Sekerinska, the poor treatment of ethnic Macedonians in Greece and Bulgaria, bilingualism - elevating Albanian into the second official language of Macedonia, and security issues. The questions are published below in full: 


The questions were put to the Mr Thimonier over 6 weeks ago and a response was delivered on April 25, from a media spokesman, Mr Vlado Ralpovski:

"We would like to inform you that we have taken due note of your questions, however we cannot answer them for now. We will get back to you at a more appropriate time. Thank you for your understanding.”

On June 3, France decorated Macedonia’s Defence Minister Sekerinska, of Serb background but firmly pro West, with a high state award, Commandeur de l’Ordre National du mérite (Commander of the National Order of Merit)- disregarding concerns over her chauvinistic behaviour towards native ethnic Macedonians. Photo below: Ambassador Thimonier on the right looks on.

In 2016 Sekerinska was pictured throwing a paintball at a Macedonian statue during the Colour Revolution. - see link here about the Colour Revolution and Canvas. She supports changing Macedonia’s name and identity in order to unfreeze Greek blocking of Macedonia’s application to join NATO and the European Union. However, she has never protested against Serbian nationalism outside the Serb Embassy in Macedonia, including the infamous 1999 attack on the US Embassy in downtown Skopje, the Macedonian capital, by extremists linked to the then Milosevic regime of Serbia. This inconsistent behaviour has angered ethnic Macedonians, who say they are being deliberately targeted under the pretext of “anti nationalism” to satisfy Greek interests.



Ambassador Thimonier, I wanted to draw your attention to matters in Macedonia. A number of prominent Serbs in Macedonia - journalist & “human rights activist” Borjan Jovanovski, Defence Minister Radmila Sekerinska, Skopje city suburban Mayor Sasa Bogdanovic, Colour Revolutionary Pavle Bogoevski, and a host of others have attacked native ethnic Macedonian identity as well as Macedonian statues but have paradoxically never protested against Serb nationalism or “interference” in Macedonia.

This has raised concerns amongst Macedonians of deliberate chauvinism, favouritism by the above named individuals who are alleged to be hiding their true motives behind “anti nationalism.”

Mr Jovanovski stubbornly and angrily refuses to protest outside the Serb embassy in Skopje, Macedonia.

link: http://teamuzunovmedia.blogspot.com.au/2017/06/macedonia-serb-spy-saga-is-there-more.html?m=1

Mr Bogoevski, has admitted, that he too, doesn’t protest against Serb nationalism.

ink: http://reporter.mk/nashi-faci/bogoevski-do-dachik-daj-mi-eden-dokaz-de/

Mr Bogdanovic has invoked Serb nationalist icon Gavrilo Princip and has began to demolish Macedonian monuments in Skopje, the capital.


Question 1: Ambassador, will you monitor closely events in Macedonia and give an assurance to native ethnic Macedonians in the Republic of Macedonia that they will be given equal treatment?

Question 2: Are you concerned with the rise of neo Albanian fascism and extremism in Macedonia? Albanian politicians have over the past decade or so built a number of controversial statues to Albanian World War II Nazi collaborators in Macedonia. The issue has been brought to the attention of the German Deputy Ambassador to Macedonia, Mr Marco Acquatacci, who has given a statement. However, the US remains silent on the issue.

link: http://teamuzunovmedia.blogspot.com.au/2017/12/germany-responds-to-albanian-nazi.html?m=1

Question 3: Is it fair for Greece and Bulgaria to blackmail Macedonia to give up its identity as a "trade off" to join the European Union? Is it too big a price?

Question 4: The EU has largely not pressured Greece or Bulgaria to give basic human rights to ethnic Macedonians in those EU member states but has pressured Macedonia over ethnic Albanian rights which in reality surpass local Balkan and international standards. What are your thoughts on this blatant contradiction?

Question 5: In 2008 the US Embassy in Macedonia warned about introducing formal bi-lingualism in the country implying it would lead to the disintegration of Macedonia. France has a large Arab minority but French still remains the sole official language of France. What are your thoughts on the issue of bilingualism in Macedonia?

Question 6: does France assist the Macedonian police and military with any kind of training? For example counter-terrorism?

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Caption: Tea for three - Her Majesty’s British Ambassador to Macedonia, Mr Charles Garrett (centre), preparing for his own Makexit after his posting finished soon. Pictured with him are prominent supporters of Macedonia’s “Colour Revolution” - leading Serb media pundit Borjan Jovanovski on the right of photo and Vlatko Vasilj on the left. Source: Twitter, November 2015. more on the Colour Revolution at this link

by Sasha Uzunov

The United Kingdom’s Ambassador to Macedonia, Mr Charles Garrett, is busy reading his own Makexit, that is finishing his term and leaving Macedonia, that he has been unable to respond to questions about Macedonia put to him by TEAM UZUNOV blog.

Mr Garrett leaves behind a country on the threshold of changing its identity and an uncertain future, as controversial name negotiations with Greece reach their epilogue. Greece has opposed the use of the name of Macedonia, since the country declared its independence from then Yugoslavia in 1991. It has blocked EU and NATO membership unless Macedonia changes its name - in essence blackmail, extortion.

Ms Biljana Radeva, a spokeswoman for Ambassador Garrett, issued this statement:

“I would like to inform you that unfortunately due to the absence from Post of the ambassador in the past weeks and his busy agenda ahead of his departure, we will not be able to provide answers to your questions for the interview.”

SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS: questions that were put to UK Ambassador Garrett

Question 1: What do you make of the fact that no pro US / pro NATO rallies have been held in Macedonia? Nor any protests outside the Russian Embassy?

Question 2: in over 20 odd years not one protest has ever been held outside the Serb Embassy in Macedonia -over Serbian nationalism ie the 1999 US Embassy attack in Macedonia by Serb extremists and links to recent local corruption - by Macedonian and Serb “civic” activists in Macedonia [ie Colour Revolution]. Yet many of these people are staunchly pro US and Pro NATO - but hold the exact same chauvinistic views towards native ethnic Macedonians held by some Serb nationalists in Belgrade who hate the US, NATO and the EU.

What do you make of this contradiction, paradox? Does it not undermine public support for NATO in Macedonia?  Even the US Embassy in Macedonia has not denied the Serb chauvinism of some of its supporters. See link here: 

Question 3: Serbia is the former colonial ruling power in Macedonia - from 1912 to 1941 - is it not culturally insensitive for people of Serb background in Macedonia to attack Macedonian statues? [An analogy would be say white South Africans attacking native Black African statues]

Question 4: Are you concerned with the rise of neo Albanian fascism and extremism in Macedonia? Albanian politicians have over the past decade or so built a number of controversial statues to Albanian World War II Nazi collaborators in Macedonia. The issue has been brought to the attention of the German Deputy Ambassador to Macedonia, Mr Marco Acquatacci, who has given a statement. However, the US remains silent on the issue. link: 

Question 5: Is it fair for Greece and Bulgaria to blackmail Macedonia to give up its identity as a "trade off" to join the European Union? Is it too big a price?

Question 6: The EU has largely not pressured Greece or Bulgaria to give basic human rights to ethnic Macedonians in those EU member states but has pressured Macedonia over ethnic Albanian rights which in reality surpass local Balkan and international standards. What are your thoughts on this blatant contradiction?

Question 7: In 2008 the US Embassy in Macedonia warned about introducing formal bi-bilingualism in the country implying it would lead to the disintegration of Macedonia. What are your thoughts on the issue of bilingualism in Macedonia?

Question 8: The United Kingdom is leaving the EU, is it not a contradiction for the UK to be pressuring Macedonia to change its name in order to get into the EU?

Question 9: Australia is a close ally of the US and UK but is not a member of NATO. Couldn't Macedonia have a comprehensive military treaty or pact with the US which would keep it within the western alliance but without having to give up its identity to join NATO? A kind of win-win compromise for all concerned...

Question 10: another option is for Macedonia to apply to join the (British) Commonwealth like say Rwanda, a former French/Belgian colony, in order to come under the Western umbrella without surrendering its identity. Your thoughts about this idea?

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Aussie Sheriffs in Town !

Team Uzunov blog exclusive - Australia’s Minister for Home Affairs responds to concerns over “foreign interference” in the Australian Macedonian community over Greece’s name dispute with Macedonia....

Media spokesperson for Australia’s Federal Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton (Minister Dutton is second from the left in photo; next to him in civilian suit is Minister for Law Enforcement Angus Taylor) issued this statement to Team Uzunov blog: 

"Foreign individuals, groups and governments are free to influence debate in Australia on issues of importance to them. Their contributions can make a positive contribution to public debate.  We require this to be transparent and to take place within our legal framework.

"When they are not conducted in a transparent manner and/or are coercive, clandestine or deceptive, they constitute foreign interference.

"Left unchecked foreign interference activities could erode our sovereignty and undermine our values and interests of Australians and Australia. The Government’s counter-foreign interference efforts will target such activities.”

The Home Affairs Department runs the Australian Federal Police (AFP), the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) - which is domestic counter intelligence - and Australian Border Force (ABF).

TEAM UZUNOV blog questions to Australia’s Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton and Minister for Law Enforcement and Cyber security Angus Taylor:

- Is the Home Affairs Department aware that there are some concerns within the Australian Macedonian community over the current political upheavals in the Republic of Macedonia and the impact felt here in Australia?

- Concerns have been raised that the current Macedonian government, which has taken on a controversial course of political action - name change negotiations with Greece - is at odds with the vast majority of Australian Macedonians and has allegedly set up front organisations...to intimidate the Australian Macedonian community. There are deep concern over collusion between the governments of Macedonia and Greece to intimidate Australian-Macedonians.

- Are Home Affairs, ASIO and the AFP aware...? And as well as claims over Greek government interference? Has Home Affairs or ASIO or the AFP received any complaints about [########] and the Greek government? Has any investigation been opened or will be opened...?

- Ministers, there are also concerns that the Macedonian and Greek governments have (respectively) allegedly infiltrated “agent provocateurs” within the Australian Macedonian Community.

- Are Home Affairs, ASIO and the AFP aware of these persons and their activities? Has Home Affairs or ASIO or the AFP received any complaints about such persons? Has any investigation been opened or will be opened into these persons?

Monday, May 21, 2018

SRDJA-HEART - Scottish University defends appointment

Meet the logistical mastermind behind Macedonia’s “Colour Revolution” - so called Serb “anti nationalist activist” Srdja Popovic, founder of Otpor/Canvas.  In one of history’s incredible twists of irony the man who brought down the Milosevic regime in Serbia in 2000 completed in Macedonia what Milosevic had tried and failed - overturning a government and destabilising Macedonia and placing it on the path to national suicide - but this time around for the strategic needs of the West and its Greek, Bulgar and Albanian allies. 


by Sasha Uzunov

St Andrews, Scotland’s oldest university, the place where future British King William met his bride, has defended its choice of controversial Serb activist Srdja Popovic as Rector. The student body which elected him has remained silent as yet, leaving it to management to respond.

The position of Rector as outlined by the University’s website to "preside at meetings of the University Court — the highest governing body of the University. The Court exists to oversee the management of the University...” and is elected by the Student Body.

Mr Niall Scott, a spokesman for St Andrews, issued the following statement to TEAM UZUNOV blog:

"Thank you for your media inquiry about the Rector of the University of St Andrews, Mr Srjda Popovic.

"As you know, the Rector is appointed by students to represent them. The Rector is chosen by students in a democratic vote carried out to the highest standards of electoral practice.

"The University itself plays no part in the election of the Rector, and that is as it should be, to preserve the independence of the role.

"As such, the University can make no comment on your allegations. I can only observe that Mr Popovic appears to be a very popular choice with students, is hard working, highly capable and involving himself with issues which are important to our student body.

Our students themselves may however wish to debate your specific points with you...”

The President of the Students’ Association Mr Lewis Wood has not as yet responded.

TEAM UZUNOV has tried to contact Mr Popovic at his private email address and the Canvas office in Belgrade, Serbia but has never received a response from the elusive activist.

The questions posed to St Andrew were as follows: 

St Andrew's University students voted to appoint the controversial Serb activist Srdja Popovic, the founder of NGO Canvas, as the Rector.

1. Is the University aware, that despite Mr Popovic's public image of anti nationalist and democracy advocate, he holds ultra Serb nationalist views?

- Mr Popovic was found to have lobbied secretly to reverse the Maldives recognition of Kosovo's independence.

Link here:

- Mr Popovic sent Serb activists from Canvas into Macedonia who took part in vandalising Macedonian monuments under the pretext of “anti nationalism” and "anti corruption" but interestingly the Serb Embassy in Macedonia was not touched. Some Macedonians saw this behaviour as thinly disguised Serb racism against Macedonians who were the victims of Serb colonial rule from 1912 to 1941.

Mr Popovic and his activists have never held any protests against Serbia's Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic who holds openly racist views towards Macedonians. Link:


2. Therefore, is it appropriate for Mr Popovic to be the Rector of St Andrews University considering his Serb nationalist views and actions?

- Genuine anti-nationalist or political opportunist? The company you keep tells a lot about you?

Popovic founded OTPOR (Resistance) - now known as Canvas:

A Serbian “Internationalist” group, NGO, which in 2000 brought down the Slobodan Milosevic regime in Serbia. Milosevic pushed for a Greater Serbia, a concept that was anti Macedonian, Croat, Albanian, Bosnian.

According to this hagiography of Popovic run in The Guardian newspaper: "Popovic and his friends started, and the group that by 1998 it grew into, Otpor! (translation: Resistance!) inspired a mass, non-violent movement. They finally saw off the repression and horror of Milosevic, who at the end could not even make it to the final round of the elections he called in September 2000.

"Since then, Popovic and his friends have been in some demand. The Centre for Applied Non-violent Action and Strategies or Canvas, an independent, five-man, Belgrade-based NGO he founded with a handful of other Otpor! members in 2003, has now advised and trained pro-democracy activists in more than 50 countries, including India, Iran, Zimbabwe, Burma, Ukraine, Georgia, Palestine, Belarus, Tunisia and Egypt

"The journey, he acknowledges, has not always been straightforward. The second son of a fearless 70s TV reporter father and a glamorous TV presenter mother, he says there was “nothing in my childhood to suggest I was any kind of rebel. I wanted to make animal documentaries. David Attenborough … Thirty years after I first saw him, I can still hear his voice.”

"But when you grew up in liberal, free-thinking, even pretty damn cool Tito-era Yugoslavia, in “a certain system of values, and they are just stamped on … Not just the ugly bully-boys running around everywhere in really uncool uniforms, but the worst kind of nationalist folk culture all over TV, the insane hate speech … Croats were our brothers, you know? And suddenly we were being told to kill them; it’s like you being told it’s your patriotic duty to shoot Scots. Well, you change.””

ALARM BELLS - Yugoslavia was a one party state with a very bad human rights record-
You’ll notice in Popovic’s hagiography his nostalgia and whitewash of “better times” in Yugoslavia.

1988-89: HELSINKI Watch Committee and Amnesty International Reports:

The 4 countries in Europe known to have significant numbers of political prisoners:
- Yugoslavia,
- Turkey
- Romania
- German Democratic Republic (East Germany).

Yugoslavia & Turkey have the greatest known number of political prisoners in Europe. see Link: 

Here is an Australian Foreign Affairs report from 1989 - link - page 22.

STRANGE BEDFELLOWS- Romantic nationalists, revolutionaries and religious reactionaries:

Self-proclaimed “Romantic ultra Serb nationalist” Vojislav Kostunica linked up with OTPOR and the Serbian Orthodox Church (which doesn’t recognise the Macedonian Church) to take down Milosevic. see link here 

Popovic was a close confidante of Serb Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic, assassinated in 2003 as payback for his role in bringing down Milosevic.

Djindjic, a political opportunist, went from Serb internationalist to nationalist, cynically became a one time supporter of Bosnian Serb war criminal Radovan Karadzic, and then back to being a non nationalist. Djindjic has been turned into pro West martyr though the truth might be that he was a cynical political chameleon. see link here

PARADOX? ENIGMA? Popovic has been banned from entering Russia and accused of being a “puppet” of the West. see link here 

But his views and actions remain contradictory. On the one hand presenting himself as an anti nationalist activist but caught secretly lobbying on behalf of Serbia to have international recognition of Kosovo revoked; and sending in “advisors” into Macedonia to kick start the Colour Revolution and its vandalising of monuments.

Popovic: “If bringing up facts in favour of the country you love is called lobbying, then I admit that I have lobbied.”  “A former student leader and former official in Serbia’s government, has confirmed that he spoke to Maldives authorities regarding Kosovo’s recognition.” link here

He has largely remained silent over Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic’s racist views towards Macedonians, including defending Serbia’s brutal colonial rule in Macedonia (1911-41). see links here and here and here

BERTRAND RUSSELL’S ADAGE - activist fatigue? Is Popovic a political opportunist posing as an “anti nationalist” and democracy activist?

“Much that passes as idealism is disguised hatred or disguised love of power.” - Bertrand Russell, Nobel Prize winning British philosopher.

Russell’s view has struck a chord with many becoming sceptical of self appointed activists. A kind of activist fatigue has come about. Burmese /Myanmar ruler Aung San Suu Kyi managed to fool the West into believing she was a democracy activist who campaigned against the authoritarian military junta which has ruled her country for decades. But she been uncovered as a chauvinist who hates the Rohingya people. see link here


The Colour Revolution in Macedonia:

Then pro Gruevski Macedonian government tabloid ran with the headline: “Serb activists at the forefront of protests in Skopje.” A later map of Canvas activities confirmed its “involvement” in Macedonia.

In 2016 Serb activists from Canvas crossed the border into Macedonia to “assist” local activists in what became known as the Colour Revolution - a movement protesting against wide spread corruption and “nationalism” of the then Macedonian government led by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, who later stepped down.

But it was an odd movement to begin with - World War II Albanian Nazi collaborator statues built in recent times by the Albanian political bloc were not touched; the Serb Embassy in Macedonia was not touched. But only Macedonian monuments were targeted. Corruption involving ethnic Albanian politicians connected to Gruevski were not touched nor were Serb politicians.

A protest in 2016 was held in Skopje against a visiting Croatian Member of the European Parliament, Marijana Petir, for endorsing Gruevski but not against then Serb Prime Minister Alexander Vucic who according to ex-Serb Foreign Minister Vuk “the Wolfman” Jeremic labelled Gruevski as Vucic’s evil twin. (see below for full story)

Petir’s real “crime” was she was a Croat and a critic of Greece. see link here and here 

Canvas’s website has a map listing its campaigns- and Macedonia is listed, confirming that it had a large footprint in the vandalising of Macedonian monuments.

The Colour Revolution brought “regime change” to Macedonia - with Gruevski gone and Zoran Zaev of SDSM, the Macedonian Social Democrats, coming to power at the end of 2016 and in 2017 the controversial election of a new Parliamentary Speaker, Talat Xhaferi, in a rushed and some would say illegal manner. Prime Minister Zaev has been willing to go along with name change of Macedonia  - a key Greek demand - under the pretext that Macedonia needs to get into NATO and the EU to ward off “Russian interference”- and to do so it has to accept Greek and Bulgarian nationalist demands - in effect extortion. see links here and here - And in doing so both Athens and Sofia would lift their opposition to Macedonia joining both organisations. To put it bluntly, Macedonia commenting national suicide ! - more on Macedonia, Greece, name change and US foreign policy at this link here


If regime change in Macedonia was motivated by “anti corruption” and “anti nationalism” then why have there been no protests about Albanian Nazi collaborator statues in Macedonia built by the Albanian political bloc over the last decade? After all there are no Nazi statues in Germany, the birthplace of Nazism. see links here and here 

If the motivation was “anti corruption” then why no protests about ethnic Albanian leader, and ex terrorist Ali Ahmeti’s (pictured left) cosy relationship with Nikola Gruevski? Ahmeti who led the Kosovo Liberation Army’s local offshoot in Macedonia, the National Liberation Army (NLA or UCK) started a war in Macedonia in 2001 with the US deliberately turning a blind eye - see link here. Ahmeti’s political party DUI (or BDI) is now a coalition partner in the Zaev government.

Or for that matter why were there no protests against the long standing criminal underworld created in the early 1990s during UN sanctions busting and smuggling in Macedonia for the then Slobodan Milosevic regime until the cessation of hostilities in 1994-95 with the Dayton Agreement? Not one protest has ever been held outside the Serb Embassy in Macedonia over Serbian nationalism by Macedonian and local Serb “anti nationalists” not even when the US Embassy was attacked in 1999 by Serb extremists linked to the Milosevic regime.

FURTHER CLUES - Popovic’s Canvas provided the “logistical support ” and training for Macedonia’s Colour Revolution as well as sending “advisors” across the border to “assist.” That’s something that Slobodan Milosevic had tried and failed to do, to foment instability in Macedonia.

The failed 1995 assassination attempt on Macedonia’s President Kiro Gligorov was said to be the result of Serb-Greek collusion. see link - But Milosevic’s motivation, if behind Gligorov’s attempted demise, was due to Serb nationalism. But we have to ask this time around who cynically used Serbian cultural hegemony in Macedonia to bring regime change? The evidence points to the West.


Bogoevski’s admission of not protesting against Alexander Vucic - see link

One of the leading figures in the Colour Revolution in Macedonia, and becoming the poster boy, was Pavle Bogoevski, a local Serb and an “anti nationalist” activist in Macedonia. Serbia’s bombastic Foreign Minister, Ivica Dacic, who has a penchant for making racist insults about Macedonians, Papua New Guineans, Montenegrins, Croats as well after dinner singer, I kid you not, falsely accused Bogoevski of taking part in protests in Belgrade against Serb President elect Alexander Vucic, a close intimate of Nikola Gruevski.

Bogoevski’s surprising reaction was to admit that he did not take part in the protests and emphasised his Serbian background. His statement struck many Macedonians as highly contradictory for here was a man who shouted from the rooftops as he vandalised Macedonian monuments that he was an ‘anti nationalist.” The revelation left many Macedonians feeling that Bogoevski’s motivation was more to do with racism and political opportunism in attacking Macedonian statues - and conveniently and cynically supported by the West.


Bogoevski also doubles up as an LGBT activist in Macedonia but in 2014 the Head of the Serbian Orthodox Church, the Patriarch Irinej (pictured above), made a totally bizarre claim - blaming the “sins” of gay people for causing the massive floods that hit the Balkans region, including Serbia. see link here

“Patriarch Irinej, who leads the church in Serbia, reportedly said the floods were “divine punishment for [LGBT people’s] vices” and that “God is thus washing Serbia of its sins.” - link here

Bogoevski  and other any Macedonian LGBT activist did not hold any protest outside the office of the Serbian Orthodox Church’s controversial Macedonian “representative’ the Bishop John (Jovan) aka Zoran Vraniskovski.

The hollowness of the Colour Revolution and Canvas?

link to story here

Ivana Jordanovska, Macedonian “anti nationalist” giving Alexander Vucic a free pass but not George Ivanov? 

TEAM UZUNOV: You wrote an article calling for sanctions against Macedonia’s President George Ivanov, I wanted to know do you now call for sanctions against Serbia’s newly elected President Alexander Vucic who was caught interfering in Macedonia’s political system with his diplomat / intelligence officer caught in the parliamentary violence on April 27?

Vucic is one of the most corrupt and authoritarian politicians in Eastern Europe. A protege of Slobodan Milosevic and who in 1995 infamously shouted that for every Serb killed in Bosnia, 100 Muslim Bosnians must be killed. see link here . I don’t recall any Macedonian politician ever saying anything similar or starting a war in 1991.

But there have been no calls for sanctions against Vucic. Do you find this odd? And to reiterate will you be calling for sanctions against him?

Ivana Jordanovska: My personal opinion is that, according to EU regulations and precedents, there is no basis for calling for EU sanctions against President Vučić.

TEAM UZUNOV: Why not? He is far worse than any Macedonian politician?

Ivana Jordanovska: The EU has defined cases and procedures for introducing sanctions, and this is simply not the case with Vučić right now.

If you want the EU to impose sanctions, I believe you have to follow what the EU says...

TEAM UZUNOV: But as an individual you don’t believe Serb nationalism and interference in Macedonia is worthy of condemnation or even a protest?

People protest against all sorts of things, they don't wait on a directive from Brussels?

Ivana Jordanovska: You asked me if I will write to advocate for sanctions against Vučić, the way I did for Ivanov. And that is my answer.

I support the right to freedom of assembly, and if anyone thinks they should protest because of Vučić, that is their right.

Foreign Policy - March 9, 2018 - How Aleksander Vucic became Europe’s favourite autocrat:

"A recent report from the British House of Lords laments that the European Union has chosen “stability over democratic values” in the Western Balkans and expresses “serious concern that gains made towards good governance and the rule of law are in danger of being lost as countries in the region turn to authoritarian leadership.” As ironic as it may be for an unelected institution like the House of Lords to fret over democratic values, the authors of the report have a point: most post-Yugoslav governments have become “stabilitocracies” rather than democracies — and nowhere is this dynamic more evident than in Serbia.” link here

Meta - Macedonian news website - 7 December 2017: 

Quote: “Last week, [ex Serb Foreign Minister] Jeremić stated that the Czech company “Czechoslovak Group” last year in October, through a Belgrade-based firm, SCMG, bought the headquarters of the firm in Krusevac for four million euros, with a direct contract and without public advertisement. He said that under Serbian law, direct purchase agreements are allowed, but only in “special cases”, and “specifically in this case, this year in Macedonia, the dictatorial and deeply corrupt regime of Nikola Gruevski was brought down, the political twin brother of Serbian President, Aleksandar Vučić”. link here


Macedonia’s Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, who since coming to power has been “accomodating” in changing Macedonia’s name, identity--on the pretext of the need to join NATO and the EU--in order to overcome Greek opposition over Macedonia’s name. Pictured here with Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, the architect of a humiliating Friendship Agreement where Macedonia is forced to change its history and give up its ethnic minority in Bulgaria in return for Bulgar backing for NATO and EU membership. see link here 

Some have even gone so far as calling for a “federation” of Bulgaria and Macedonia... (see link here) the soft partition then the hard partition of Macedonia- some thing of a similar nature “mentioned in passing” by US “expert” Professor Daniel Serwer... in his testimony to the US Congress last year. see link here

US strategic needs at the expense of a unitary Macedonian state? After the fall of the Milosevic regime in Serbia in 2000 and the 2001 Albanian war in Macedonia which permanently implanted the KLA ie DUI and Ali Ahmeti, the US no longer needs a unitary Macedonian state as a buffer against Milosevic, only the territory it occupies. see link here and here 

This explains why US Ambassador Jess Baily (pictured above) has overturned previous key cultural planks in US foreign policy towards Macedonia.  - Washington’s strong opposition to bi-lingualism elevating Albanian to the same level of Macedonian; and not letting loose Serbian cultural hegemony (ie leading figures such as Borjan Jovanovski, Radmila Sekerinska, Pavle Bogoevski, Miroslav Grcev, Branko Geroski , Canvas etc etc) hiding behind “anti nationalism” to attack Macedonian identity. see link here - Now contrast that with a previous and popular US Ambassador Christopher Hill - see link here

BLUNT SELF INTEREST - doing the strategic maths?

Furthermore, with four US bases on Bulgarian soil and Greece being a charter member of NATO, it’s simply easier for the US to lean on Macedonia and to partition it between Kosovo and Bulgaria.


So you had Serb activists from Srdja Popovic’s Belgrade based NGO Canvas cross the border into Macedonia and join the local variety to vandalise Macedonian monuments over the dodgy purchase of a Mercedes? Isn’t that way too excessive and dare I say it racist? You don’t have Macedonian activists cross the border into Serbia to vandalise Serb monuments over corruption...

Ex Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski was found guilty in a Macedonian court and sentenced to 2 years gaol (jail) for corruption, namely the procurement of a luxurious armour plated Mercedes Benz limousine. see link here - (story in Macedonian)

A pundit on Twitter makes a wry observation. 

Serbia doesn't allow its citizens to be extradited to face criminal charges in the Republic of Macedonia.

Just wondering if SJO (Macedonia’s Independent Prosecutors) will seek the extradition of Serb President Alexander Vucic who is alleged to have laundered large sums of money on behalf of Gruevski (see above)

However, it remains highly unlikely that a Foreign Head of State such as Vucic would ever be extradited.

What is strange is local Serb “anti corruption” campaigners in Macedonia Pavle Bogoevski and Borjan Jovanovski have stubbornly refused to protest against Vucic outside the Serb Embassy in Skopje over his alleged criminal links to Gruevski. (see above).

This is very odd. You would think there would be a push to find the full extent of corruption in Macedonia and flush it out completely.

Serb pundit and “anti nationalist” activist in Macedonia Borjan Jovanovski attacking a portrait of Macedonia’s President George Ivanov but paradoxically refuses to protest against fellow compatriot Alexander Vucic and his alleged corruption links to the previous Gruevski government in Macedonia.

In 2015 Jovanovski called for protests to be held at ALL Hungarian embassies in Europe over Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s tough stance on migrants but he has angrily refused to call for protests outside Serb Embassies when in 2016 Serb President Nikolic said the exact same thing as Orban !


If so called Serb “anti nationalists” from Belgrade can intervene in Macedonia to assist “local activists” over the shifty purchase of a Mercedes Benz limousine or whatever and vandalise Macedonian monuments in the process- couldn’t extremists from Greek and Bulgar Neo Nazi Golden Dawn and Ataka respectively or Albanian extremists from Kosovo also intervene in Macedonia over something they don’t like ? You’re now entering dangerous ground over infringing upon national sovereignty as well as disturbing internal social cohesion....

ORGAN HARVESTING- KOSOVO - Macedonia is a very tolerant society despite the blatant media bias and hype

2010 Council of Europe report: Serbs and Albanians who were perceived to be pro Serb Yugoslavist in Kosovo executed and/or had their organs removed for sale. Despite the deliberate media campaign to portray Macedonians as “extremist” they remain the most tolerant in the Balkans who have suffered massive injustices. They don’t remove people’s organs because they disagree with them !

Compare that to Macedonia and how tolerant it is - pro Serb Yugoslavist Radmila Sekerinska is Defence Minister; Borjan Jovanovski is media pundit etc  They still have their organs intact !

"The NATO intervention had essentially taken the form of an aerial campaign, with bombing in Kosovo and in Serbia – operations thought by some to have infringed international law, as they were not authorised by the UN Security Council – while on the ground NATO’s de facto ally was the KLA. Thus, during the critical period that is the focus of our inquiry, the KLA had effective control over an expansive territorial area, encompassing Kosovo as well as some of the border regions in the north of Albania. KLA control should not be understood as a structured exercise of power, and it was certainly far from assuming the contours of a state. It was in the course of this critical period that numerous crimes were committed both against Serbs who had stayed in the region and against Kosovar Albanians suspected of having been “traitors” or “collaborators”, or who fell victim to internal rivalries within the KLA. These crimes have largely gone unpunished and it is only years later that a rather diffident start has been made in dealing with them.”

Links here and here to organ harvesting in Kosovo

Sunday, April 29, 2018

MACEDONIA BURNING? American-Macedonian civil rights leader speaks out

Macedonia Burning - American Macedonian Civil Rights Leader George Atanasoski speaks out against the attacks on native ethnic Macedonians.  no holds barred interview -(English and Macedonian version)... on Team Uzunov blog...

George Atanasoski is a successful businessman in the United States, running a hi tech company Microflex which lists NASA, the US space program governing body, amongst many as of its high profile clients. Atanasoski also owns a Macedonian television station and magazine called Makedonsko Since (Macedonian Sun) as well as being the leader of the Macedonian Alliance. He has been a tireless worker in strengthening US-Macedonian relations. In 1994 he made an unsuccessful tilt at the Macedonian Presidency against popular incumbent Kiro Gligorov (1991-99).

English version:

Question 1:  You’ve come out strongly opposed to name “negotiations” with Greece. Why is that?

George Atanasoski: This standpoint of mine isn’t new. Since the beginning of the 1990s, I have publicly called for the termination of negotiations with Greece. The passing of time has not change my view, but confirmed my point of view. What did Macedonia gain from the negotiations? Nothing but enormous humiliation. A past generation of politicians changed the Constitution, the flag, removed the Kutlesh sun, accepted the embarrassing reference FYROM, and signed an Interim Accord [in 1995]. Greece, headed by [Prime Minister] Karamanlis and [Foreign Minister] Bakoyannis, going against the USA’s interests, vetoed the invite for our membership into the NATO Alliance at the Bucharest Summit in 2008. Now, 10 years later, the Macedonian government is trying to appease [Greek Prime Minister] Tsipras and [Foreign Minister] Kotzias with a servile foreign policy.

[Macedonian Prime Minister] Zaev and [Foreign Minister] Dimitrov (pictured above with Kotzias) renamed the highway and the airport, publicly accepted a geographic qualifier to be part of the name, distanced themselves from modern Macedonians’ ancient roots. The Greek radicals will not budge an inch from their positions. Look at the public sentiment in Greece. The results are devastating. A huge number of Greeks, about 70 percent, are opposing the option of the term Macedonia even being part of the name solution. The opposition party New Democracy headed by Bakoyannis’ brother, Mitsotakis, who has a highly radical attitude towards Macedonia, is leading Syriza in all polls and is an almost certain winner in the forthcoming elections. Especially that almost all State representatives and political officials in Greece are unanimous in the blackmail towards the Macedonian people, either you will accept a new name and a new identity as a Constitutional solution or no EU and NATO--humiliation for nothing.

Therefore, instead of falling for the tricks of Athens, now we need shock diplomacy. Until the implementation of the verdict of the Hague Tribunal that condemned Greece for violation of the Interim Accord is secured, through which Macedonia would immediately receive an invitation to join NATO, we should not have any further negotiations. Negotiations are pointless. No politician in Greece has any legitimacy to propose a new bilateral international treaty when they fail to comply with the valid Interim Accord. International justice must apply equally to all. And Macedonian politicians must understand that none of them, not any party or government coalition, is above the Macedonian people. The only sovereign ruler of the name and identity is the Macedonian people who will never forgive high treason or selling out national interests. We are not after something that is not ours, we are only protecting our universal democratic right of self-determination. We were, are and will remain Macedonia, because generations of Macedonians have given their lives for this country.

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and his Macedonian counterpart Zoran Zaev in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Question 2: Are you alarmed by the inroads that Bulgaria has made into Macedonia in undermining its distinct identity? Who do you blame for this?

George Atanasoski: I do not overlook the fact that Bulgaria recognised Macedonia under the Constitutional name and therefore I have always advocated good neighbourly relations, but on a reciprocal basis. Macedonia and the Macedonian people must not be humiliated or be the victims of a one man’s dreams for San Stefano Bulgaria. The government of [Bulgarian Prime Minister] Boyko Borissov felt the moment of weakness of incumbent Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, who does not hide and is publicly showing fondness for Bulgaria, even openly nourishing the Bulgarian thesis that “we are one people in two countries.”

In addition to this is the request of some of the Macedonian Orthodox Church leaders, namely the Strumica Bishop Naum--who has close relations with the Zaev family--that the Bulgarian Orthodox Church should become a “mother-church” of the Macedonian Orthodox Church. This is absurd because our Ohrid Archbishopric is one of the oldest Orthodox churches and we do not need such an approach. But this is clear indication that some of the so-called Bulgarophile structures in Macedonia have awoken. It is not by chance that a new party led by and consisting of Macedonians with Bulgarian passports has been formed and is publicly supported by Bulgarian MEPs [Members of the European Parliament] who are the biggest deniers of Macedonian identity. The Bulgarian Government, headed by Boyko Borisov and Krassimir Karakachanov (pictured below), insisted on signing the Treaty of Good Neighbourly Relations, imposing it as a condition for our Euro-Atlantic integration. Moreover, Bulgarian authorities have never had a frank approach in trying to close the open issues that have burdened our bilateral relations for decades.

-Ultra Bulgarian nationalist Kressimir Karakachanov, Bulgaria’s Deputy Prime Minister and also the Defence Minister, denies the existence of a Macedonian identity.

Otherwise they would have explicitly recognized the Macedonian national identity and accepted the obligation to implement the verdicts of the European Court of Human Rights and to register OMO Ilinden-Pirin [ethnic Macedonian political party in Bulgaria]. But they continue to consciously deny that in the Pirin part, unjustly taken away with the 1913 Treaty of Bucharest, there are Macedonians who speak Macedonian.

Unfortunately, the current Government in Macedonia, by signing and ratifying such an agreement on good neighbourly relations with Bulgaria, conceded disproportionately and took on obligations with which it shot itself directly in the foot, causing great damage to the Macedonian identity. The obligation to re-write and revise history textbooks in Macedonia is a disaster.

We cannot fabricate history and lie that Bulgaria was not on the right side of the anti-fascist struggle during the Second World War. Just as we could never accept that Goce Delchev and Dame Gruev are Bulgarians, and that Ilinden is a Bulgarian holiday, as claimed by Bulgarian nationalists and radicals. Due to some of the unfortunately accepted provisions in the Agreement, in the future when we react to someone in Skopje trying to make a memorial service for Mara Buneva [controversial historical figure claimed to be Bulgarian], the Bulgarian Government will consider the Good Neighborly Agreement violated.

What is further worrying is that the provocations from the Bulgarian side have been going on non-stop. Their great nationalistic and assimilationist policy of denying the Macedonian national identity resulted in the Bulgarian MEPs Andrey Kovachev and Angel Djambazki pressuring the European Parliament, which made a cowardly resolution of acknowledging that in the Albanian regions of Prespa, Golo Brdo and Gora, where only Macedonians are live, also live non-existent Bulgarians. This is like claiming that the planet Mars has a Bulgarian colony. My position is clear, the Macedonian Alliance will fight with all political means for Macedonia to unilaterally terminate the Agreement, referring to its Article 13, item 3. - more on the Bulgarian-Macedonian Agreement at this link here

- Statue of Xhem Hasa, a leader of the Nazi Albanian quisling militia known as the Balli Kombetar during World War II. Location: Simnica, near the town of Gostivar, Macedonia.

Question 3: Albanian neo facism in Macedonia is on the rise. A number of World War II Albanian Nazi collaborator statues of the Balli Kombetar (Albanian Nazi quisling militia involved in ethnic cleansing of Macedonians and the the Holocaust) have been built by the Albanian political bloc, including DUI party led by Ali Ahmeti, in Macedonia. In Germany the birthplace of Nazism there are no Nazi statues. Will you be raising the issue of Albanian Nazi statues in Macedonia with US foreign policy makers as well as US politicians?

Ordinary Albanian citizens are increasingly waking up. They are becoming aware that the same political structure of Albanians that has been in power for 15 years and is a partner of both SDSM and VMRO DPMNE [ethnic Macedonian parties] abuses them to make money off of them. What both the Albanians and the Macedonians value most is economic prosperity, living standards and safe future for their children. Look at just how many Albanians are emigrating and pursuing happiness in European countries or in the United States. They simply disagree with the nationalism and blackmail of their politicians in Macedonia.

The monuments that DUI [Albanian nationalist party formed by ex KLA terrorists] insisted on, unfortunately, are part of the political bargaining that Macedonian politicians often do with Ali Ahmeti [DUI leader] only for the purpose of retaining their government powers and privileges. So it was with the embarrassing amnesty of the Hague cases, due to which instead of being held accountable for his participation in the UCK[KLA] and the massacre of the Macedonian soldiers in Vejce in 2001 [ethnic Albanian uprising / war in Macedonia], 17 years later, Talat Xhaferi is illegitimately performing the function of Speaker of the Macedonian Parliament. Such is the situation now, where in order to attain that damned power, an unconstitutional law for implementing bilingualism in Macedonia has been voted, which completely negates the spirit of the Ohrid Framework Agreement. I am using my contacts in the US Administration to lobby for the Macedonian national interests. I insist, in the shortest possible time, to conduct a census in the country, which will be conducted by the State Census Commission, headed by a person proposed by the Macedonian Diaspora and one that had not taken part in the previous shameful bargaining to the detriment of the Macedonian people and their future. We must once again be counted. Until then all requests of Albanian political radicals should be placed under a moratorium. - more on Albanian Nazi statues in Macedonia at this link here

-Martin Luther King

Question 4: The United States during the 1950s and 1960s bravely confronted racial discrimination through the civil rights movements led by the late Dr Martin Luther King. As a proud and patriotic American citizen of native ethnic Macedonian ancestry and the recipient of the prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor are you aghast, horrified at observing the extremist behaviour of some prominent Serbs in Macedonia including the country’s Defence Minister Radmila Sekerinska, “activist” turned MP Pavle Bogoevski, leading media pundit Borjan Jovanovski, Skopje city suburban Mayor Sasa Bogdanovic-Srpce and some others who paradoxically refuse to protest against Serb nationalism but deliberately pick on and ferociously attack native ethnic Macedonians, Macedonian statues and Macedonian identity?

- Radmila Sekerinska attacking a native ethnic Macedonian statue in the Macedonian capital, Skopje. 

George Atanasoski: Macedonia, throughout history, has always been the target of various radical structures in neighbouring countries that have tried to deny the existence of the Macedonian people and country. We must not forget that the Serbian Orthodox Church persistently denies the right to autocephaly of the Macedonian Orthodox Church and this has been the position for decades. It was not by chance that there was an attempt by [rebel ultra Serb nationalist Bishop] Jovan Vranishkovski’s schismatic church of the Orthodox Ohrid Archbishopric to mislead the Macedonian believers. But this attempt was thwarted because of the wisdom of the Macedonian people. In Serbia, especially some of the members of their former security services are trying to control Macedonian politics in various ways, thinking that this is their inheritance from Yugoslav times. It is a fact that there are Serbian installations in Macedonia. They have a personal interest in destabilising the country by directly working for a greater power that is striving to achieve strategic and geopolitical goals in the Balkans.

As for the specific politicians in Macedonia that you have mentioned, I do not want to comment in this regard, because I do not have any confirmed information that they represent Serbian interests. However, with regard to the fact that they have entered a very dangerous scenario of removing monuments from Macedonian history, renouncing our civilisational right to historically refer to the Ancient past - this current ruling structure will carry the cross of trying to obliterate the identity of the Macedonian people. - more on this theme at this link here

-Pavle Bogoevski, Colour Revolution leader and now Macedonian MP reveals he doesn’t protest against Serbian nationalism or links to corruption between Serb and Macedonian politicians. 

Question 5: As a man of science who runs a successful hi-tech company in the United States, would you put a strong emphasis on science and technology, innovation, research and development in the Macedonian education system?

George Atanasoski: The Macedonian people are wise, smart and extremely skilled. It is not a small number of Macedonians who run successful businesses in Europe or the United States, Canada, Australia, or are professors at prestigious world universities. I never did forget the homeland and my native city of Prilep. I am seriously investing in Macedonia and in the media business, as well as in the food industry and hotel industry. I gave my sons the love for their native land. They are often in Macedonia and at certain times live in the country of their ancestors, knowing full-well the Macedonian tradition. My youngest even completed a part of his education in Macedonia, and speaks perfect Macedonian, regardless of being born in Florida. Some time ago, my brother Josif (Joseph) and I wanted to open a Microflex plant in the free economic zone in Prilep, but because of the cancer of Macedonian society - corruption, we did not realize that project. My life and professional motto is constant progress and exchange of knowledge. The program of the Macedonian Alliance envisages a series of measures, steps and policies for improving the Macedonian education system and increasing the quality and competitiveness of our workforce. I am deeply convinced that Macedonia has the capacity to be the most successful country in the region. It is only that the right people need to come into the right places.


1. Излеговте со силно спротивставен став за "преговорите" со Грција. Зошто?

Овој мој став не е нов. Јас уште од почетокот на 90-те години јавно повикував да се прекинат преговорите со Грција. Времето не само што не ме демантираше, туку го потврди моето стојалиште. Што доби Македонија од преговорите? Ништо, освен огромни понижувања. Една мината генерација политичари смени Устав, знаме, го отстрани сонцето од Кутлеш, ја прифати срамната референца ПЈРМ, потпиша Времена Спогодба, а Грција на чело со Караманлис и Бакојани, спротивно на интересите на САД стави вето за поканата за нашето членство во НАТО Алијансата на Самитот во Букурешт во 2008. Сега 10 години подоцна повторно со сервилна надворешна политика  актуелната Влада се обидува да ги одоброволи Ципрас и Коsијас. Заев и Димитров го преименуваа аеродромот и автопатот, јавно прифатија географска одредница да стане дел од името, се оградија од античките корени на современите Македонци, а Грчките радикали не ги менуваат позициите ни за милиметар. Погледнете го јавното расположение во Грција. Резултатите се поразителни. Огромен процент на Грците, околу 70 проценти се противат на опцијата терминот Македонија воопшто да биде дел од решението за името. Опозициската Нова Демократија на чело со братот на Бакојани, Мицотакис, кој има крајно радикален став кон Македонија, е во водство пред Сириза на сите анкети и речиси е сигурен победник на следните избори. Особено што речиси сите Државни претставници и политички функционери во Грција се едногласни во уцената кон Македонскиот народ, или ќе прифатите ново име и нов идентитет како Уставно решение или нема ЕУ и НАТО. Бадијала понижувања. Затоа, наместо да наседнуваме на триковите на официјална Атина, сега нам ни е потребна шок – дипломатија. Додека не се обезбеди спроведување на пресудата на Хашкиот Суд со кој е осудена Грција за прекршување на Времената Спогодба, а преку тоа Македонија веднаш да добие покана за членство во НАТО, ние нема што понатаму да преговараме. Преговорите се беспредметни. Ниту еден политичар во Грција нема легитимитет да предлага нов билатерален меѓународен договор кога не ја почитуваат важечката Времена Спогодба. Меѓународната правда мора да важи за сите подеднакво. А Македонските политичари мора да се разберат дека ниту еден од нив, ниту една партија или владина коалиција не е над Македонскиот народ. Единствен суверен владетел на името и идентитетот е Македонскиот народ кој никогаш нема да прости велепредавство и продажба на националните интереси.Ние ништо туѓо не сакаме, само си го штитиме нашето универзално демократско право на самоопределување. Сме биле, сме и ќе останеме Македонија, бидејќи за неа генерации Македонци ги положија своите животи. 

2. Дали сте вознемирени од ударите што ги направи Бугарија во Македонија за да го поткопа посебниот Македонски идентитет? Кого обвинувате за ова?

Јас не го занемарувам фактот дека Бугарија ја призна Македонија под Уставно име и затоа секогаш сум се залагал за добрососедски односи, но на реципрочна основа. Македонија и Македонскиот народ не можат да бидат понижувани и жртви на нечии соништа за Сан-стефанска Бугарија.  Владата на Бојко Борисов го почуствува моментот на слабост на актуелниот Премиер Зоран Заев, кој не се крие и јавно покажува симпатии кон Бугарија, дури и отворено потхранувајќи ја Бугарската теза дека „ние сме ист народ во две држави“. Во прилог на тоа оди и барањето на дел од Македонските владици, кој ги предводи струмичкиот Владика Наум кој е во блиски релации со семејството Заев,  кои побараа  Бугарската Православна Црква да стане црква-мајка на Македонската Православна Црква. Ова е апсурдно бидејќи нашата Охридска Архиепископија е една од најстарите православни цркви и ваков пристап не ни е потребен. Но, ова е доказ дека дел од таканаречените Бугарашки структури во Македонија се разбудија. Не случајно се формираше и нова партија која ја предводат и членуваат Македонци со Бугарски пасоши и која јавно е поддржана од Бугарски Европратеници кои се најголеми негатори на Македонскиот идентитет. Бугарската Влада на чело со Бојко Борисов и Красимир Каракачанов упорно инсистираше на потпишување на Договор за добрососедски односи, наметнувајќи го како услов за нашите Евроатлански интеграции.  Притоа, Бугарските власти никогаш немале искрен пристап во обидот да се  затворат отворените прашања што ги оптеретуваат нашите билатерални односи со децении. 

Во спротивно, со Договорот експлицитно ќе го признеа Македонскиот национален идентитет и ќе прифатеа обврска да ги спроведат пресудите на Европскиот Суд за човекови права и да го регистрираат ОМО Илинден-Пирин.Но тие не продолжуваат свесно да не признаваат дека во Пиринскиот дел кој е неправедно одземен со Букурешкиот Договор од 1913, живеат Македонци кои говорат Македонски јазик. За жал, актуелната Влада во Македонија со вака потпишан и ратификуван договор за добрососедство со Бугарија попушти несразмерно многу и прифати обврски со кои си пука директно во нога нанесувајќи огромна штета на Македонскиот идентитет. Обврската за пречитување и ревизија на учебниците по историја од кои се учи во Македонија е катастрофа. Ние не можеме да ја фалсификуваме историјата и да лажеме дека Бугарија не беше на вистинската страна во антифашистичката борба за време на Втората Светска војна. Како што никогаш не можеме да прифатиме дека Гоце Делчев и Даме Груев се Бугари, а Илинден Бугарски празник, како што тврдат Бугарските националисти и радикали. Особено што заради одредени несреќно прифатени одредби во Договорот, утре кога ќе реагираме кога некој во Скопје ќе се обиде да прави панихида за Мара Бунева, Бугарската Влада ќе смета дека е прекршен Договорот за добрососедски односи. Она што дополнително загрижува што провокациите од Бугарска страна не прекинуваат. Нивната големо националистичка и асимилаторска политика за негирање на Македонскиот национален идентитет резултираше со притисок на Бугарските Европратеници Андреј ковачев и Ангел Џамбаски, Европскиот Парламент со кукавичка резолуција да признае дека во Албанија во регионите на Преспа, Голо Брдо и Гора, каде Македонците се единствено доминантни, непостоечки живеат Бугари. Тоа е исто како да се тврди дека на планетата Марс има Бугарска колонија. Мојот став е јасен, Македонската Алијанса со со сите политички средства ќе се бори Македонија еднострано да го раскине Договорот, повикувајќи се на членот 13, точка 3.           

3. Албанскиот нео-фашизам во Македонија е во пораст. Албанскиот политички блок, вклучувајќи ја и партијата ДУИ, предводена од Али Ахмети, во Македонија, изгради голем број на статуи н на албанската нацистичка Бали Комбетар (албанска нацистичка квислиншка милиција вклучена во етничкото чистење на Македонците и Холокаустот). Во Германија родното место на нацизмот нема нацистички статуи. Дали ќе го подигнете прашањето за албанските нацистички статуи во Македонија со американските креатори на надворешната политика, како и со американските политичари?

Обичните наши сограѓани Албанци се повеќе се освестуваат. Стануваат свесни дека една иста политичка структура на Албанците која владее цели 15 години и е партнер и на СДСМ и на ВМРО ДПМНЕ ги злоупотребува за да се богати преку нивниот грб. И на Албанците, како и на Македонците им е најважен економскиот просперитет, животниот стандард и сигурната иднина за нивните деца. Погледнете само колку Албанци се иселуваат и си ја бараат среќата во Европските земји или САД. Едноставно не се согласуваат со национализмот и уцените на нивните политичари во Македонија. 

Спомениците на кои инсистираше ДУИ, за жал, се дел од политичкиот пазар кои Македонските политичари често ги прават со Али Ахмети само заради задржување на нивните фотељи и привилегии од власта. Така беше со срамната амнестија на Хашките случаи заради која сега Талат Џафери наместо да одговара за учеството во УЧК и масакрот на Македонските војници во Вејце во 2001, после 16 години ја обавува целосно нелегитимно функцијата Претседател на Македонското Слобрание. Така е сега кога за пуста власт се изгласа против уставен закон за воведување двојазичност во Македонија со што целосно се негира духот на Охридскиот Рамковен Договор. Јас моите контакти во Американската администрација ги користам за лобирање за Македонските национални интереси. Инсистирам, во најкус можен рок да се спроведе попис во Татковината, кој ќе го спроведува Државна пописна комисија на чие чело ќе застане човек кој ќе го предложи Македонската Дијаспора и кој не бил дел од претходните срамни пазари на штета на Македонскиот народ и неговата иднина. Ние мора еднаш реално да се преброиме. Се до тогаш сите барања на Албанските политички радикали треба да бидат ставени под мораториум.  

4. САД во текот на 1950-тите и 1960-тите храбро се соочија со расната дискриминација преку движењата за граѓански права предводени од починатиот д-р Мартин Лутер Кинг. Како горд американски државјанин и македонец патриот, добитник на престижниот медал на честа „Елис Ајленд“, дали сте вознемирени од eкcтpeмнoтo однесување на некои истакнати Срби во Македонија, вклучувајќи ја и министерката за одбрана, Радмила Шеќеринска, НВО активистот кој стана пратеник Павле Богоевски, новинарот Борјан Јовановски, градоначалникот на скопската Општина Центар Саша Богдановиќ-Српче и некои други кои парадоксално одбиваат да протестираат против српскиот национализам, но жестоко го загрозуваат македонскиот идентитет остранувајќи ги македонските статуи?

Македонија од секогаш во историја била цел на разни радикални структури од соседството кои се обидувале да го негираат постоењето на Македонскиот народ и Држава. Не смееме да заборавиме дека Српската Православна Црква упорно го негира правото на автокефалност на Македонската Православна Црква и тоа се провлекува со децении. Не случајно имаше обид расколничката црква на ПОА на Јован Вранишковски да ги заблуди Македонските верници. Но тој обид се изјалови поради мудроста на Македонскиот народ. Во Србија, особено некои од припадниците на поранешните нивни безбедносни служби, како рецидиви на минати времиња се обидуваат на разни начини да ја контролираат Македонската политика сметајќи дека тоа природно им е наследено од времето на поранешна Југославија. Дека постојат Српски инсталации во Македонија, тоа е факт. Таквите имаат личен интерес да ја дестабилизираат земјата директно одработувајќи за поголема сила која се бори за остварување на стратешки и геополитички цели на Балканот. За конкретните политичари во Македонија кои Вие ги споменувате не сакам да коментирам во оваа насока, бидејќи не располагам со потврдени информации дека застапуваат Српски интереси. Сепак, што се однесува на фактот дека влегоа во едно многу опасно сценарио за отстранување на споменици од Македонската историја, откажувајќи се од цивилизациското право историски да реферираме на Античкото минато, оваа актуелна владејачка гарнитура ќе си го носи крстот дека се обиделе да одработат обезличување на сопствениот Македонски народ. 

5. Како човек од науката кој води успешна „hi – tech“ компанија во САД, дали би ставиле силен акцент на науката и технологијата, иновациите, истражувањето и развојот во македонскиот образовен систем?

Македонскиот народ е мудар, паметен и исклучително вешт. Воопшто не се малку примерите на Македонци кои во Европа или САД, Канада и Австралија водат успешни бизниси или се професори на престижни светски универзитети. 

Јас никогаш не ја заборавив Татковината и родниот Прилеп. Сериозно инвестирам во Македонија и во медиумскиот бизнис, како и во прехранбената индустрија и хотелиерството. На моите синови им ја пренесов љубовта за родната грутка. Тие често се во Македонија и во одредени периоди и живеат во земјата на своите предци одлично познавајќи ја Македонската традиција.  Најмалиот дури и дооформи дел од своето образование во Македонија, одлично зборува Македонски без разлика што е роден во Флорида. Пред извесно време со мојот брат Јосиф сакавме да отвориме погон на „Microflex“ во слободната економска зона во Прилеп, но заради рак раната на Македонското општество – корупцијата, тој проект не го реализиравме. Моето животно и професионално мото е постојаниот нарпредок и размена на знаење. Во програмата на Македонската Алијанса се предвидени низа мерки, чекори и политики за унапредување на Македонскиот образовен систем и зголемување на квалитетот и конкурентноста на нашата работна сила. Длабоко сум уверен дека Македонија има капацитет да биде најуспешна земја во регионот. Само треба вистинските луѓе да дојдат на вистинските места.