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THE SCHIZOPHRENIC STATE - Macedonian Army Day & Albanian Nazi statues.

by Sasha Uzunov
Skopje, Macedonia
Friday 17 August 2018

I was at today’s formal ceremony held at the Ministry of Defence to mark Macedonian Army Day which falls on 18 August every year.

The 18 August was chosen because on that day in 1943 the Mirce Acev partizan battalion was formed and became the nucleus of the National Liberation Army of Macedonia (NOV na Makedonija) before being subsumed by the Yugoslav Peoples’ Army (JNA) by 1945.

The National Liberation Army of Macedonia fought the Nazi German occupiers and its fellow fascist allies the Kingdom of Bulgaria and the quisling Albanian nationalist militia, the Balli Kombetar.

Yet, in the same breath that Macedonian Army Day is commemorated, and is based on the anti fascist resistance during World War II, since the 2001 ethnic Albanian war in Macedonia and the signing of the Ohrid Framework Agreement (OFA) which brought the conflict to an end, WWII Albanian Nazi collaborator statues have popped up in Macedonia either directly built or at least supported by Ali Ahmeti, the ex Albanian terrorist and leader of the 2001 war and now “mainstream” politician.

In 2006 a statue to Xhem Hasa, the leader of the Balli Kombetar in Macedonia during WWII, was unveiled in Simnica, a village near the town of Gostivar in western Macedonia. In 2015, another Albanian Nazi collaborator statue and Balli Kombetar leader, Aqif Krosi Recani, was erected in another village close to Gostivar called Recani. The architect behind these two statues is ethnic Albanian politician Nevzat Bejta, who was given a front row “reserved” seat to hear ex US diplomat Evelyn N. Farkas sing the “praises” of the OFA recently. see link here

There has been a deliberate silence over these statues - they remain the elephant in the room that everyone, including the US and leading Macedonian politicians from the major parties know exist but act as if they don’t.

Earlier this week, TEAM UZUNOV asked the Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev over those controversial statues and instead was witness to a bizarre, and contrived act of “historical amnesia” over the Albanian Nazi statues on the part of the Prime Minister. In comparison, Nazi statues are banned in Germany, which is both a NATO and EU member.


Macedonia’s Defence Minister Radmila Sekerinska used Macedonian Army Day as a platform to attack name change opponents as engaging in spreading false news - this despite at the start of the week (see above) her own Prime Minister Zoran Zaev playing deliberate historical “amnesia” over WWII Albanian Nazi statues in Macedonia.
The incredible irony: Macedonian Army Day is celebrated on 18 August after the formation of the Mirce Acev (Partizan) battalion on 18 August 1943 which became the nucleus of the National Liberation Army of Macedonia - it fought the very same Albanian Nazi collaborators such as Xhem Hasa, of whose statue PM Zaev tried to weasel his way out of condemning.

The question remains why does this deliberate paradox, this state schizophrenia - anti fascist and neo fascist commemoration exist in Macedonia? Why does the US refuse to counsel its political clients in Macedonia such as ex Albanian terrorist turned political kingmaker Ali Ahmeti to remove these insulting statues? If the US wants Macedonia to join NATO why is there this need to stonewall the issue about Albanian neo fascism? To put it bluntly is this is deceit by deliberate silence? People who build Nazi statues are people who fundamentally don’t believe in democracy and human rights - and this is the rub - the US’s allies in Macedonia, the Albanian political bloc has by a large measure supported these statues. It undermines the whole narrative of ethnic Albanians as being “victims” of “slav” intolerance in Macedonia, if Albanian leaders invoke World War II Nazi collaborators who took part in ethnic cleaning, massacres of Macedonians as “heroes” !

The Zaev government and President Ivanov (pictured below) are at loggerheads - to put it mildly - over Macedonia’s NATO and EU membership bid. This was evident at Macedonian Army Day - both Defence Minister Sekerinska and the President rarely exchanging small talk other than keeping it very formal and very polite.

Both the government and the President support both NATO and EU membership and Ivanov reiterated that support at the Macedonian Army Day celebration. He just doesn’t accept that Macedonia has to change its name, its identity because of the controversial Prespa Agreement with Greece, signed by the Zaev government. see link on Prespa Agreement. He has been the target of a nasty racist campaign by the likes of pro NATO Serb journalist in Macedonia Borjan Jovanovski. see link here 

Above: Macedonian Army Day celebration - US Embassy in Macedonia Deputy Chief of Mission Ms Micaela Schweitzer-Bluhm (left) talks with Macedonia President George Ivanov (right). Macedonia’s Defence Minister Radmila Sekerinska in the background - playing with her hair and casting a look over at the President. Video still (freeze frame) photo by Sasha Uzunov.

Below: Macedonian Army Day celebration - US Embassy in Macedonia Deputy Chief of Mission Ms Micaela Schweitzer-Bluhm (left) lays on the diplomatic charm as Macedonia President George Ivanov (right) about to crack open a smile. Macedonia’s Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski in the background. Video still (freeze frame) photo by Sasha Uzunov.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


by Sasha Uzunov
Skopje, Macedonia

Macedonia’s Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, either has no clue about Macedonian history or he is a willing participant in deliberate amnesia over certain events. Moreover, the various agreements and platforms involving Bulgaria, Greece and local ethnic Albanians have placed him and the nation-state he governs in a position to be blackmailed if it does not toe the line.

All of this has come about because for Macedonia to join the EU and NATO - read for US strategic needs - it needs to unblock Greek and Bulgarian opposition to joining those two aforementioned international organisations. A controversial referendum asking Macedonians to change their name and identity in order to gain EU and NATO membership will be held on 30 September this year. It’s no understatement to say that the EU and the US and its client the Macedonian government have all launched a strong media campaign to push through the referendum and a Yes vote. see link here


The height of this absurdity has come about in the past fortnight, beginning with the commemoration of the Ilinden Uprising - a Macedonian rebellion launched on 2 August 1903 against five centuries of Turkish Ottoman imperial rule. Prime Minister Zaev, having signed a goodneighbourly agreement wth Bulgaria on 1 August 2017, is required to horse trade Macedonian history in order not to “offend” Bulgarian sensitivities. That is the Ilinden Uprising has to be a “joint” event demonstrating a “link” between Macedonian and Bulgarian identity - the overall purpose is to show Macedonians are a branch of Bulgarians who went out on their own, rather than being a separate ethnic group in their own right.

So you had the political theatre of PM Zaev travelling to Bulgaria to “commemorate” Ilinden with his Bulgar counterpart Boyko Borissov. Bulgaria claims that Goce Delcev, Macedonia’s greatest hero, who was killed in the lead up period to Ilinden, was a Bulgar.

When PM Zaev accidently went off script by saying - truthfully - that the Ilinden Uprising was purely a Macedonian affair, official Sofia, including Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev came out with all guns a blazing demanding an apology and threatening repercussions. link here

That’s the price Bulgaria - which has four US military bases on its territory - has asked for its support for EU and NATO membership and the heavy price Macedonia must now pay, which includes restricting free speech and possibly prosecution for anyone who dares stray- as is with the Prespa Agreement signed by Greece and Macedonia, which also demands Macedonia give large chunks of its history and suffering legal repercussions.

It is nothing more than blatant Bulgarian and Greek blackmail, hailed by the West as a “breakthrough” in establishing “friendly relations.”

Turkish Sultan thanks Prince Ferdinand of BULGARIA for arresting Macedonian [Revolutionary] Committees -Bulgaria sabotaged the lead up to Ilinden Uprising !

source: Colac Herald (Victoria, Australia), Tuesday 24 February 1903, page 3 - link here

and then this:

Prelude to Ilinden 1903 - New Zealand newspaper archives - Macedonian revolutionary Goce Delcev (Deltcheff) belonged to the faction which wanted Macedonian independence not annexation by Bulgaria. EVENING POST (New Zealand), VOLUME LXV, ISSUE 124, 27 MAY 1903. link here

A1906 American press report had this to say about Dame Gruev (pictured left), one of the leaders of the 1903 Ilinden Uprising:

"They are apostles of a proletarian insurrection that shall establish on Macedonian soil the first socialist republic of the world. Hence they ceaselessly propogate the sentiment of independence from foreign air.

"They decry the help of "kings and bishops" and pin their faith on the organized workingmen of Europe. To the central body of the revolutionists, headed by its chief, Grueff [Dame Gruev], the failure of Europe to institute a thorough-going international control with an European governor general is a vital blow, for their dream is to make autonomous Macedonia a nucleus around which will coalesce in time a Balkan United States.

"This body which is now in control maintains an attitude of reserve towards official Bulgaria, being unwilling to receive favors at the price of obligation. it is permanently opposed to any annexation of Macedonian territory by the principality of Bulgaria. This has always been the settled policy of the organization...”

California State (US) newspaper archives - Morning Press newspaper, 14 June 1906. link here 


A truly bizarre case of deliberate “historical amnesia” by Macedonia’s Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in “defending” World War II Albanian Nazi collaborator statues - of Xhem Hasa and Aquif Krosi Recani - built in recent times in Macedonia by ethnic Albanian politicians - some of whom are now coalition partners in the Zaev government.

In comparison, Germany, which is both an EU and NATO member, bans Nazi statues from being built. There is no historical dispute that Hasa and Recani were Nazi collaborators. Their statues have only appeared in Macedonia after the 2001 ethnic Albanian war in Macedonia. more on the statues here at this link and this link 

Team Uzunov, at an event held to “celebrate” the 17th anniversary of Ohrid Framework Agreement  held in Skopje Macedonia last week, asked PM Zaev about the Nazi statues - see below. The Prime Minister tried to weasel out of responding by claiming that relevant bureaucratic institutions had to investigate the statues and confirm their links to Nazi collaboration. It’s like saying that an Adolf Hitler statue has to be investigated in order to find out that Adolf Hitler was in fact a Nazi. It’s absurd and insulting to most Macedonians.

FRONT ROW SEAT TO THE HEIGHT OF HYPOCRISY - Ohrid Framework Agreement “celebrations” show and the referendum push !

Former US diplomat Evelyn N. Farkas (pictured above - in the centre of the photo) was in town to “celebrate” the 17th anniversary of the Ohrid Framework Agreement which purportedly brought to an end the 2001 ethnic Albanian war in Macedonia, started by an offshoot of the Kosovo Liberation Army in a land grab but later reworked as a fight for human rights.

The OFA is simply an alibi which lets the US off the hook for letting loose these thugs and terrorists in Macedonia. The Guardian newspaper at the time revealed that the “US’s bastard army” was running rampant in Macedonia. see link here.

The consequences of the OFA hasn’t been long term stability but has brought de facto partition of the country and the rise of Albanian neo fascism - manifested by the brazen erecting of World War II Nazi collaborators.

Ms Farkas’s comments at the “celebration”: “Make no mistake a failed referendum would be a win for extreme nationalists and for Russia...”

Yet she was happily sharing the same stage with Ali Ahmeti, the man who started the 2001 war and who has supported the building of World War II Albanian Nazi collaborator statues - you can’t get any more extreme nationalist than that.

AND A CHERRY ON TOP ! Can you please pass the popcorn too?

- A seat reserved for Nevzat Bejta

And to top it off - the cherry on the cream of the cake of hypocrisy -there was a “reserved” front row seat invitation to ethnic Albanian poltician Nevzat Bejta, the very man who carried out the nuts and bolts operations in building those two Nazi statues of Xhem Hasa and Aqif Krosi Recani ! - see link here

GREEK GIVEAWAY - PRESPA AGREEMENT - Ms Farkas, naturally, was signing the praises of the agreement which in reality will lead to erasing Macedonian identity - more on the Prespa Agreement see link here

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NATO REFERENDUM BATTLE HEATS UP- World Macedonia Congress leader Todor Petrov returns fire at “Brussels racism”

by Sasha Uzunov, Skopje, Macedonia
Saturday 11 August 2018

Mr Todor Petrov, the President of the World Macedonian Congress, an internationally based lobby group, has condemned what he says is the European Union’s “racist” attacks against opponents of the NATO referendum in Macedonia scheduled for the end of September this year.

The referendum seeks to change Macedonia’s name by approving the controversial Prespa Agreement, which many Macedonians see as an attempt to erase Macedonian identity in order to satisfy Greek nationalist demands and remove Greek veto over Macedonia’s application to join NATO and the European Union. see link here on Prespa Agreement.

Mr Petrov was speaking at the WMC’s annual general meeting in Skopje. The WMC has called for a boycott of the controversial referendum.

The WMC President also fired a broadside at US Ambassador Jess Baily, urging the US State Department recall him from Macedonia, over concerns he was interfering in Macedonia in order to push through name change.

Mr Petrov called upon the Albanian community in Macedonia to boycott the referendum, reminding it of the support that Macedonia gave in taking in Kosovar Albanian refugees from the 1999 NATO war and the granting of over 150,000 citizenships.

In very strong language, the WMC President condemned the Bulgarian good neighbourly agreement, the Prespa Agreement and the NATO referendum:

“The agreement Zaev-Borisov [Bulgarian good neighbourly agreement - see link] dated August 1, 2017, the Dimitrov-Kotzias [Prespa] Agreement of 17 June 2018 and the Decision for announcing a referendum on September 30, 2018 adopted at the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia on 30 July 2018 for the purpose of changing the name and identity we consider null and void and high treason against the state and the nation!”

The WMC has issued a legal challenge against the validity of the referendum, passed by the Macedonian parliament, in Macedonia’s High Court citing what it says is its unconstitutional character.

“The Prime Minister [Zoran Zaev], the Ministers and the Members of the Parliament (Assembly) committed a wrong application of the law, ie they called for a referendum for consultations that, according to the Law on Referenda, are not compulsory, based on Article 73 paragraph 1 of the Constitution, instead of Article 120 of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia.

...for issues of border change and membership in alliances of states such as the EU and NATO, the decision is passed by the Parliament with a two-thirds majority (80) of the total number of Representatives (120), but the decision comes into force if in a referendum a majority (900,000) of the total number of registered voters (1,800,000) votes in favour, which is an impossible mission in these conditions.”

TEAM UZUNOV Question put to Mr Petrov in Macedonian - :

-Gospodin Petrov, se vodi edna gnasna racisticka kampanja protiv tebe licno i protiv Pretsedatelot na Republika Makedonija [Gjorge Ivanov] od strana na srpskiot novinar Borjan Jovanovski. Evropskata Zaednica [Unija] namerno kjuti. Zosto?

Question: Mr Petrov, there is a foul racist campaign aimed against you personally, and against the President of the Republic of Macedonia [George Ivanov] by Serbian journalist Borjan Jovanovski  Why is the European Union deliberately silent?

-Odgovor od Todor Petrov: “Ocigledno vo Evropskata Unija vazat dvojni-standardi. Tokmu poradi toa pristapuvame zaradi prava, sloboda i pravda. Ni se oskratuva ostanatoto pravo na postojenje, samo  opredeluvanje, samo identifikacija. I zatoa za ocekuvanje Se ovie racisticki napadi, pritisoci - ne od narodite / drzavljanite na zemjite clenki na Evropskata Unija tuku od Briselskata burokratija."

Answer from Todor Petrov: “ Obviously, double standards apply in the European Union and because of that we aim for rights, freedom and justice.

"Our remaining rights to exist, to self determination and self identification have been infringed. So it's to be expected these racist attacks and pressuring but it's not from the
people or citizens of European Union member states.

“It’s coming from the Brussels bureaucrat (EU headquarters].”

Todor Petrov statement 

Mr Jovanovski, a Serb in Macedonia who says he is pro NATO and EU, has focused his attacks exclusively on native ethnic Macedonians and has gone the public record as refusing to protest against Serbian nationalism, and Serb politicians, which has left him open to charges of racism against Macedonians. He has waged a personal vendetta against Macedonia’s President George Ivanov - both with protests and with nasty comments on social media.

Below the vile comment about chemical cleaning - fumigation - of the President’s office:

Jovanovski’s behaviour is at loggerheads with mainstream Serb leaders in Macedonia, such as Ivan Stoijlkovic, who have thrown their support behind boycotting the NATO referendum. (see below)


Friday, August 10, 2018


Andrej Zernovski second from right. Photo source: MIA

by Sasha Uzunov
Skopje, Macedonia

Macedonia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Andrej Zernovski has denied he discussed with US officials becoming a candidate in next year’s presidential election in Macedonia.

Mr Zernovski was in the US a fortnight ago on an official visit and met with some key US government officials, US Congressmen as well as Damon Wilson Vice President of the very influential strategic think tank, the Atlantic Council. see link here

“During my visit to Washington,” Mr Zernovski said, “and in the meetings I had there were discussions about potential candidates for the presidential elections.”

His statement in Macedonian:

"Vo tekot na mojata poseta na Vasington, na nitu edna od ostvarenite sredbi ne stana zbor za potencijalni kandidati za pretsedatelskite izbori."

Monday, August 06, 2018


IVANOV UNDER PRESSURE AND RACIST ATTACKS - must withstand says Alliance coordinator Janko Bachev

by Sasha Uzunov
Skopje, Macedonia

An alliance of 28 political parties, NGOs and civic groups have signed an agreement to lead a boycott against a scheduled referendum on Macedonia changing its name in order to join NATO and the EU. see link here

The coordinator of the alliance is Mr Janko Bachev of the Edinstvena Makedonija (United Macedonia) party.

TEAM UZUNOV blog asked Mr Bachev after the signing:

TEAM UZNOV blog: There is enormous pressure being exerted by the US, EU and NATO on Macedonian President George Ivanov to buckle to change the Republic of Macedonia’s name

Simultaneously there is a nasty racist campaign against the President by various figures such as
Muhamed Zekiri [ethnic Albanian and Vice President of the ruling SDSM party] and Borjan Jovanovski [pro US Serb media pundit]. Can the President withstand all of this pressure?

JANKO BACHEV: We’re hopeful President Ivanov will focus solely on the state and national interests and will withstand whatever pressure is applied whether internal or external

And he wont repeat the episode when he granted a mandate for [Zoran] Zaev to form government and we’re all aware that he did so after American [Diplomat] Hoyt Yee had the night before talked the President into changing his mind about opposing Zaev

This time we have to send a strong appeal because this time its about Macedonians being wiped off the world map of nations

And this time we believe he will endure whatever the threats against him might be.

All of us who have entered this cause; who have strong wish and will to defend Macedonia, have to operate on one idea and that is all of us are ready to live, work and if necessary die for Macedonia.

Audio in Macedonian with English subtitles

related story- link  President Ivanov and the “incident” at Meckin Kamen, Ilinden commemoration

Sunday, August 05, 2018


by Sasha Uzunov
Meckin Kamen, Krusevo,
and Skopje, Macedonia

On 2 August 1903, Macedonian rebels were heavily outnumbered and slaughtered by the Ottoman Turkish Army and its Albanian bashi-bazouk irregulars on the strategic hill known as Meckin Kamen overlooking the town of Krusevo - south west of Skopje, the present day capital - in what was to become known as the Ilinden Uprising (St Elijah’s Day) - an unsuccessful rebellion to free Macedonia from five centuries of Ottoman occupation.

Ilinden is regarded as the foundation of the modern Macedonian state. In 1912-13, Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria joined forces to evict the Ottomans out of Macedonia and then divided the country. The part under Serbian colonial rule eventually freed itself after World War II, becoming a constituent republic in Marshal Tito’s Federal Communist Yugoslavia. In 1991 it declared independence from Yugoslavia as the Republic of Macedonia. It has been the subject of a three decade campaign by Greece to change its name in order to gain EU and NATO entry.

The Macedonians lacked any heavy weapons during Battle for Meckin Kamen and were cut to pieces by Ottoman artillery.

In the “second battle" of Meckin Kamen on 2 August 2018 - a political one - Macedonian President George Ivanov emerged as the clear victor on the battle field -as some Macedonians cheekily point out-the modern day Sultanate (US) and its bashi-bazouk irregulars were forced to retire under the artillery barrage of drink bottle and cans.

The irony was not missed by keen students of Macedonian history.

What transpired in the “second battle”? President Ivanov reiterated his strong opposition to the Prespa Agreement - see link here - signed by the Greek and Macedonian governments - but in reality formulated by the US for its strategic needs. A high ranking US State Department official Matthew Palmer together with one of Macedonia’s Deputy Prime Ministers, Koco Angjusev, were present at Ivanov’s speech. The President also highlighted the call for ethnic tolerance amongst all of Macedonia’s ethnic minorities, including Albanians and Serbs.

Palmer had earlier arrived in Macedonia in order to massage Washington’s message that it wants a referendum scheduled in late September in Macedonia to approve the Prespa Agreement, which would lead to Macedonia changing its name, losing its identity in order to gain NATO and EU membership. As mentioned above, the President is opposed to the agreement but supports NATO and EU membership without Macedonia losing its identity.

When President Ivanov’s speech ended, the government delegation including Palmer left. As it was being escorted back to the convoy of limousines by security, angry Macedonians began booing, shouting at the delegation. Bottles and cans were seen being hurled at the delegation. No one was hurt. I was some distance away from the delegation but clearly saw the incoming “artillery.”

From what I could gather and sense from the crowd near me and later on when I moved to the location where the delegation had been pelted from , it was a spontaneous act of anger at the prospect
of losing Macedonian identity and nothing to do with the President in provoking any kind of such behaviour.

However, It remains to be see what “retaliatory” strike will occur against Ivanov. Prime Minister Zaev and his coalition government, which includes Albanian right wing nationalist DUI party, supports the name change and the Prespa deal. It’s no understatement to say that the President, originally from the rival VMRO-DPMNE party, are not on the best of terms.


Vangel Cvetkovski, an Australian-Macedonian, met Matthew Palmer. Cvetkovski was a guest of US advocacy group United Macedonian Diaspora when he was on a visit to the US last year.

His assessment:

“I met Palmer [Director of Office of South-Central Europe] at the State Department in Washingron D.C. He gave me the impression he likes to talk and to answer specific questions. He didn't like the idea of having a two way conversation with me, particularly if I didn't like the answer or found holes in it. He often used humour to dumb down something not to his liking.

"But underneath his facade there is a seasoned operator who gets things done. If he is in Macedonia he is there to bellow orders and add weight to developments. Contrary to descriptions of a diplomat, I see his role as a heavy hitter. Considering his role in what is likely to happen, he has no place in Macedonia and definitely not at Mečkin Kamen.

“I do not have a good feeling about his presence there."

KNIVES OUT FOR THE PRESIDENT - fierce pressure on George Ivanov

But it was more the spontaneous anger of the people there at Meckin Kamen which was the spark for the incident rather than a deliberate ploy by a usually timid, mild mannered Ivanov - once described by ex Albanian terrorist turned US political client Ali Ahmeti--and meant as an insult over the President’s nerdy image--a nice guy and a professor.

But the media campaign against Ivanov fell into swing - being labelled a “fascist” etc. see link 

The irony is the only real fascists in the true sense of the word have been the Albanian political bloc which has built World War II Nazi collaborator statues in Macedonia, whereas in Germany, the birthplace of Nazism, statues associated with Nazis are forbidden. The US has remained silent about this especially since the Albanian bloc is seen as a key US supporter.

You’re beginning to see in Macedonia - and I've seen it too - that rules apply differently.

- Albanian Neo fascists are permitted to build WWII Nazi statues and preach racist ideology and no condemnation from the international community. Instead Ali Ahmeti is supported by the West. see links here and here

The Norwegian Ambassador to Macedonia, resident in Belgrade, has given an undertaking to investigating these nasty statues but others such as the US, France have deliberately declined to comment nor condemn them. Likewise the French Ambassador has declined to comment about the behaviour of Macedonia’s Defence Minister Radmila Sekerinska (see below)

- Serb racists cleverly rebranded as “anti nationalists” such as media pundit Borjan Jovanovski, Macedonia’s Defence Minister Radmila Sekerinska, Colour Revolution activist Pavle Bogoevski, and Skopje suburban Mayor Sasa Bogdanovic-Srpce are permitted to attack Macedonian identity and statues and in fact be rewarded for it by the West -as long as their racism doesn't apply to Albanians.

You’re now getting the picture...and this is being driven by the US in order to hammer Macedonia into submission. see links here and here

Ilinden artillery -
TRICKOVSKI - ZAEV’S LOOSE CANNON ? He can say things the PM can’t but wants to?

And who could forget pro Macedonia Prime Minister Zaev mouthpiece Branko Trickovski’s call sometime ago for Macedonia’s President Ivanov to be lynched and the death of two prominent female Macedonian academics Solza Grceva and Biljana Vankovska  who oppose the Prespa Agreement-there hasn’t been any action from the Interior Ministry, which runs the police in Macedonia. link


BULGARIA’S point scoring at Macedonia's expense:

The big winner of the Ilinden commemoration and all the commotion attached to it this year has been Bulgaria - which is a bizarre but true thing to say. A national holiday which is the foundation or cornerstone of the Macedonian state is now "jointly celebrated" with Bulgaria with Bulgarian officials openly saying - incorrectly of course - that Macedonians are Bulgarians; that the Uprising was Bulgarian inspired even though it was sabotaged by Bulgaria. Macedonia's Prime Minister Zoran Zaev turning up in Bulgaria to "jointly commemorate" legitimises Bulgarian racism towards Macedonians. It’s a truly strange thing for a Macedonian political leader to do...

This “joint celebrating” is the result of political extortion, known as a good neighbourly agreement demanded by Bulgaria in order to support Macedonia’s application to join NATO.

Put crudely, the simple arithmetic is there are four US military bases in Bulgaria, so Macedonians have to lose their history for Washington to keep its Bulgar allies happy. Outrageous horse trading in a people’s identity - using it as a commodity at the diplomatic poker table. This is another source of popular discontent in having to swallow this humiliation in the name of “good neighbourly relations” but in reality US strategic needs in order to bed down the Balkans and keep the Russians out.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Serb money laundering serious in Macedonia - Norway Ambassador says

by Sasha Uzunov

Serbian money laundering and its impact upon Macedonia is of serious concern, Norway’s Ambassador to Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia has alleged.

Ambassador Mr Arne Sannes Bjørnstad has also further alleged that Serb money laundering has permitted groups to finance opposition to the controversial name deal between Greece and Macedonia, which would remove a Greek veto over Macedonia joining both the EU and NATO.

He was asked by Team Uzunov blog the following question:

"The US State Department regards Serbian money laundering as a very serious problem both globally and locally in Eastern Europe and the Balkans including Macedonia. Some Macedonians refuse to accept this problem and dismiss it as "propaganda." What can Norway do in terms of educating Macedonians about this danger to their economy and social well being, and which would wipe away any financial gains offered by EU membership? (In other words even if Macedonia were to join the EU, extensive Serb corruption and money laundering would negate EU economic assistance)>'

The Ambassador’s response: 

"Insufficient financial transparency is a challenge in most Balkan countries. This facilitates money laundering as well as other financial crimes. It also makes it easier for external powers to gain influence by non-transparent funding of political groups or activities, covert funding of opposition to the agreement between Macedonia and Greece on the name issue in order to prevent Macedonia joining NATO and the EU being an example.”  

Ms Solza Grceva, one of the Macedonian leaders opposed to the deal, has dismissed such claims of foreign funding of name deal opponents as being the work of the country’s Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in his bid to tarnish all those who are against a scheduled referendum on the name deal. Ms Grceva is a former Macedonian Member of Parliament who belonged to Mr Zaev’s Social Democrats Union of Macedonia (SDSM) and is now a leading academic.

She wrote on social media - ridiculing the claim of “Russian interference” in Macedonia and pointed out that the Macedonian people were opposed to losing their name and identity:

"Грција протерала двајца руски дипломати и забранила влез на уште двајца, кои наводно се мешале во договорот со Македонија.

На тоа Заев дал изјава во Брисел дека нашите протести за името, пази он знаел, дека се организирани од Русија.

“Zoran Zaev, the Macedonian prime minister, speaking at the Nato summit in Brussels, indicated he knew Russia was behind some of the protests outside his own parliament, but he said his country was not going to seek conflict"- The Guardian

Човеков не знае дека каменот му доаѓа од блиску. Од народов кој не може да смисли промена на име и идентитет! Не, он знае. Само лупа тоа што овие сакаат да го чујат.

Be that as it may, what remains certain is Serbian money laundering as well as the Kosovar Albanian narco mafia pose a serious problem to Macedonia’s economic stability, regardless if it joins the EU or not.

A TEAM UZUNOV blog investigation has revealed the extensive involvement of the United States via USAID in shaping Macedonia’s domestic and foreign policies. see link here

BAFFLING - what has remained puzzling is the staunchest supporters of the name deal with Greece, EU and NATO membership for Macedonia have steadfastly refused to protest against Serb money laundering in Macedonia, which is alleged to be the conduit of “foreign funding” namely Russian money - to finance protests in Macedonia against NATO membership.

Not one protest has been held outside the Serb Embassy in Skopje, Macedonia. It throws into doubt the whole claim of “foreign meddling.” Instead no explanation is given as to why there are no protests - only evasion and nasty insults.

Serbia has indicated that it will not be joining NATO. It remains inexplicable why Macedonian activists who support NATO membership for Macedonia are reluctant to protest against Serbian money laundering...

Recently, Mr Aleksej Demjanski, a US based Macedonian “anti corruption” campaigner dismissed attempts by TEAM UZUNOV blog to scrutinise Serb money laundering in Macedonia as “propaganda.”

Ms Ivana Jordanovska who has pushed long and hard for Macedonia to join both NATO and the EU, called for EU sanctions to be placed against Macedonia’s President George Ivanov but refused to call for sanctions to be placed against Serbia’s President Alexander Vucic, who has been alleged by that country’s ex Foreign Minister Vuk “the Wolfman” Jeremic” as being heavily involved in money laundering in Macedonia with former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.

Another anti corruption campaigner in Macedonia, Pavle Bogoevski, a Serb and the face of the Colour Revolution, also revealed that he too doesn’t protest against the shenanigans of Vucic.

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