Friday, April 16, 2010


LUKE LEON MEDIA (ABN: 91310556447) in association with Sasha Uzunov...

TIMOR TOUR OF available on DVD....RATED M...

Timor Tour Of Duty, which looks at the Indonesian military's secret war against Australian and New Zealand troops and international peacekeepers in East Timor, received a special commendation Platinum Reel Award from the 2009 Nevada Film Festival.

The film made its US and international screen debut at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival in October 2009.

THE DVD includes 4 extra minutes of two scenes cut from the original film festival screening.

Official film website:

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Price is $25.50 (postage & handling and GST included) within Australia.... Order your copy....

Payment by Australia Post Money Order.

Luke Leon Media
PO BOX 172
Preston VIC 3072

Overseas orders contact Sasha Uzunov on for further details.

Europe/Asia/Pacific/New Zealand/North America
DVD PAL $35.50 (Australian) -including postage & handling & GST.

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