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Serbian Orthodox Bishop Kacavenda, caught in a sex scandal, and blackmailed by the then Yugoslav Communist intelligence service, UDBa, to spy on fellow priests during the 1970s and 80s. The use of religion as a covert manner for espionage in the Balkans is one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Macedonia's "reward" for humanitarian assistance -

by Sasha Uzunov

It is one of the oldest tricks in the book, especially in the Balkans, the use of religion by the state to conduct covert intelligence operations.

The Serbian State funds the Serbian Orthodox Church, which is waging a campaign against the Macedonian Orthodox Church by sponsoring a "rebel" Bishop John (Jovan) - real name is Zoran Vraniskovski... but it's way of destabilising Macedonia by hauling it to various human rights commissions over "free of worship" etc. 

The Serbian Orthodox Church has gone after Macedonia's Orthodox Primate, Archbishop Stefan. see link 

The Serbian, Greek and Bulgarian Orthodox Churches refuse to recognise the existence of a Macedonian Orthodox Church.

Officially the Republic of Serbia recognises Macedonia and a Macedonian nationality but still wants to keep its hand in the diplomatic poker game over Macedonia, especially with Bulgarian influence growing and so uses religion as a way of blackmailing Macedonia.

Recently, Serbia's former President Boris Tadic said that he regretted in not officially apologising for Serbia's historical injustices committed against Macedonia but would not elaborate. see link

Using a religious dispute is deliberately aimed at Macedonia's Cafe intellectual elite, many who are not interested in religion and so can't see the real danger the "church dispute" poses to Macedonia. The real issue is not about religion but about power.

It's very very clever and shameful, when you consider Macedonia, a tiny impoverished nation, gave humanitarian aid to Serbia when it was hit by floods. see link:

In the past the Yugoslav communists blackmailed a Serb Bishop Kacavenda, a pedophile, into spying for UDBa, the intelligence service, during the 1970s and 80s.

see link: 
see link

It's a bad public relations exercise for the Serb nationalist cause: on the one hand it plays the victim card over Kosovo but is now waging an aggressive campaign, in the guise of religion, against Macedonia.

It's not the behaviour of a "victim" but a "predator.

1971 BRATSVO I EDINSTVO (Brotherhood and Unity) ? Both Serb clergy and secularists reflect the same view

1971 Australian Foreign Affairs document - Australian Ambassador to SFR Yugoslavia pays a visit to SR Macedonia.

Ambassador R.H. Robertson: "En route to Skopje we visited the Serbian Orthodox monastery at Studenica and had some conversation with the Deputy Abbott (Igumen). I had the opportuntity of asking...a casual question about the Macedonian Orthodox Patriachate: He looked extremely dour and replied the "Patriachate is a political creation upon which I shall not comment." The reply reflected, on the church level, the tendency of many Serbians still to claim that the present [Socialist] Republic of Macedonia was in fact more accurately described under its pre-war title "South Serbia."
TEAM UZUNOV note: we are not aware of the Serbian clergy being arrested by UDBa for making those disparaging remarks. And we are surprised that Canadian-Serb film maker Boris Malagurski doesn't mention this chauvinism in his conspiracy laden film, The Weight of Chains."

source: National Archives of Australia - 

The bias against the Macedonian Church was recored by a US Diplomatic cable, published on wiikleaks:

2007 US Diplomatic report (wikileaks - Julian Assange)


Serbian Orthodox Church removes one of its own Bishops for being sympathetic to Macedonian Church's claim to autocephaly...

With Amfilohije's appointment, the Holy Synod (the the SOC
governing body) removed Pavle's previous assistant, Metropolitan
Jovan of Zagreb, Ljubljana, and Italy, replacing the oldest bishop
with the longest-serving. The SOC press release said the choice of
Amfilohije was not a hint about the choice of the next Patriarch.

The press release did not explain the decision to replace Jovan.
Professor of religion and SOC insider Mirko Djordjevic told us the
Synod probably chose to remove Jovan because the SOC perceived as too sympathetic toward the Macedonian Orthodox Church's claims for
autocephaly. Makojevic told DCM the change was "routine."


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