Friday, June 15, 2018


Ms Greta Stanoevska, Charge d’affaires, Macedonian Embassy in Canberra, Australia. Photo source SBS radio - see link

Team Uzunov blog got in contact with the Macedonian Embassy, in particular Ms Greta Stanoevska, the Charge d’Affaires, the temporary Ambassador, with a series of questions about events in Macedonia. An email was sent to her on 4 June 2018 - three days before she gave an interview for Australian state broadcaster SBS radio.

She has declined to comment on the questions in detail other than giving an undertaking that they have been forwarded - kicked upstairs - to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Skopje, capital of Macedonia, for an official response.

TEAM UZUNOV blog has had difficulty in the past with both the previous Gruevski and now Zaev governments of Macedonia in getting responses to questions.

Ms Stanoevska: “For me these are hypothetical questions. From my point of view- non politically-- may not be correct [the questions posed].”

Team Uzunov blog response: “There are Albanian Nazi statues in Macedonia, that’s not hypothetical. There’s a statue of Xhem Hasa [World War II Albanian Nazi collaborator] Nazi statue in Gostivar. It’s not a point of view, Xhem Hasa was a Nazi collaborator.

Ms Stanoevska: “You would like officially a [response] that’s understandable....”

Team Uzunov: “Yeah, there are no Nazi statues in Germany. It’s unusual to have Nazi statues in Europe....thank you for your time.”


Question 1. Are you aware that serious allegations have been raised with the office of Australia’s Home Affairs Minister Mr Peter Dutton, over concerns that Macedonia, in particular the Macedonian government has colluded with the Greek government , in “interfering’ in the local Macedonian community -which the vast majority are in opposition to the Macedonian government’s willingness to change the country’s name in order to satisfy Greek demands? see link here

Question 2. Are you aware that the Australian Ambassador to Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia, Mrs Julia Feeney, has expressed alarm over World War II Albanian Nazi collaborator statues recently built in Macedonia by the Albanian political bloc? Doesn’t this harm Macedonia’s international image, considering Nazi statues are banned in Germany, by allowing Albanian neo fascism to remain unchecked ? see link here -

Question 3. The current Macedonian Prime Minister Mr Zoran Zaev has drawn very close to Bulgarian Prime Minister Book Borissov and his government. Are you aware that PM Borissov’s government is a coalition government which includes extremist Bulgarian Neo nazi party Ataka? Is it appropriate for Macedonian leaders to be associating with Bulgarian extremists?

Question 4. Is it appropriate for Macedonia’s Foreign Minister Mr Nikola Dimitrov to be associating with Serbian cultural hegemonist and media commentator Borjan Jovanovski, who attacks Macedonian identity and also has vandalised a portrait of Macedonia’s President Mr George Ivanov but paradoxically refuses to protest against Serb President Alexander Vucic and against Serb nationalism and corruption links in Macedonia? Doesn’t this send the wrong message to the Macedonian community in Australia? see links here and here

Question 5. Can you confirm the following for me - is Macedonia’s Interior Minister Mr Oliver Spasosvski of Serbian background? (is his mother a Serb from the Macedonian town of Kumanovo?)

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