Monday, October 12, 2015


FOREIGN INTERFERENCE - Australian MP’s wife handed 
over ALP party membership lists to Yugoslav government for vetting
by Sasha Uzunov
Responding to a TEAM UZUNOV application, the National Archives of Australia released a de-classified Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) file on Vera “Vladislava” Kent, wife of Lewis “Bata” Kent ex Federal Australian Labor Party (Socialist Left faction) Australian Member of Parliament, both “Yugoslav activists” in Australia.
ASIO FILES - 1983 - Yugoslav consul Antun Buneta (also an intelligence officer) was determining how Australian taxpayer dollars were being spent by the Victorian State government Ethnic Affairs Commission.
Vera Kent handed over list of Victorian organisations to the Yugoslav consul to approve funds from the Victorian Ethnic Affairs Commission. She also passed on list of potential ALP members to another Yugoslav diplomat, Mate Kuvacic for “vetting” as in their attitude towards communist Yugoslavia.
ALP Socialist Left Faction Federal Member of Parliament, Lewis "Bata" Kent (1980-90 seat of Hotham) was found to have been working as a spy for the Yugoslav government. see link for previous story on Lewis Kent here 
Vera Kent was a board member of the Victorian State government’s Ethnic Affairs Commission. She also a disciple of ALP Socialist Left faction heavy hitter and Meat Workers Union boss the late Wally Curran.

link to the Vera Kent’s ASIO file here: