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AUSTRALIAN MP - a Yugoslav spy?

Was Lewis "Bata" Kent  (1925-2014) - an Australian Labor Federal Member of Parliament an intelligence operative for Communist Yugoslavia?

by Sasha Uzunov

LEWIS "BATA" KENT - Federal MP for Hotham (1980-90)

Team Uzunov exclusive - after a 2 year wait our application for access to Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) documents is finally processed

EXPLOSIVE: ASIO files reveal a former Australian Federal MP, before entering parliament, wanted in 1964 to bomb Croat activists in Australia...

In a 1982 ASIO report on Federal MP, Lewis Kent, his "activities" were listed:

7-1-1964: "Kent suggested that they set fire to the home of Srecko Rover [controversial Croat leader in Melbourne, Australia] and that other known fascists would be given attention (either by fire, bombing or by kidnapping)

on 13-2-1964 Kent said: "we will have to burn ROVER's home, then the church, everything."
In 1964 Kent had dinner with the Yugoslav Consul General, Dejan Popovic, on a visit to Melbourne.

In the same year Popovic telephoned Kent twice during a visit to Melbourne and visited his home.

In 1976 Kent invited Dr Georgi Trajkovski, Yugoslav Consul General in Melbourne and believed to be the Croatian Six set up mastermind, to dinner.

Kent was chairman of the controversial Australian Yugoslav Welfare Society, set up by Trajkovski, and which was accused of spying upon members of the Croat, Macedonian communities in Melbourne.

source: ASIO file available in the National Archives of Australia.www.naa.gov.au

AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL POLICE (formerly Commonwealth Police)

You have to shake your head in amazement at Australian law enforcement and counter intelligence "naivety." Australian Federal Police Agent, DetectiveSenior Sergeant Arnold 'stumbled upon the fact' that an translator used to examine seized Croat documents was also close toYugoslav diplomats.

In fact Detective Snr Sergeant Arnold spoke to the man at a Yugoslav consulate cocktail reception for Aco Petrovic, from the Serbian Matica, visiting Australia in November 1983.

This is an AFP report handed to ASIO and inside Lewis Kent's ASIO file.www.naa.gov.au

In another report from 1983, Kent got in contact with Anton Buneta, identified as a Yugoslav intelligence officer by ASIO.

Money shot quote:
PLO TELLS YUGOSLAVIA - we'll choose our friends, Left wing Croats !

LEFT ON LEFT & "Radical Croat Chic" - In the 1980s a splinter group, HDP, from the mainstream Croatian nationalist movement emerged, moving to the left and aligning itself with "progressive forces" such as the Australian Trotskist group, the Socialist Workers Party... but also agitating for Croatian independence from Socialist Yugoslavia.

In the ASIO file of ex Federal MP Lewis "Bata" Kent, Kent, a hardcore leftist himself and supporter of Tito's Yugoislavia, was determined to destroy this group...HDP and its links with the Australian Left.

It also undermines the stereotype of all "Croatian nationalists" being labelled as right wing Ustashas, as was being pushed by Socialist Yugoslavia at the time.

Radical Croat Chic & George Seitz

In 1982, the HDP organised a dinner-dance in Melbourne, Australia and invited a representative from the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO), Anton Shaer, and the Irish Republican Movement, Barry Hughes to give a talk. Also present was the ALP MP for the state seat of Keilor, Australian-Croat, George Seitz.

The event was reported in the local Croatian newspaper, Hrvatski Tjednik and a copy sent to PLO Heaquarters in Damascus, Syria. On finding out, Yugoslavia, a long time supporter of the PLO, protested.

The money shot quote: "PLO will choose its friends."

ASIO took this development very seriously...the Croats playing the "leftist card."

UPDATE - TEAM UZUNOV EXCLUSIVE - 1986 declassified ASIO document lodged with the National Archives of Australia - www.naa.gov.au

OUTRAGEOUS - The domestic Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) slams Australian Federal Police (AFP) for doing investigative work for Yugoslav Intelligence (YIS or UDBa/SDB) by passing on addresses to Yugoslav consulate staff in Melbourne. That man Georgi Trajkovski is at it again... see link for background story

1986 ASIO report: quote: "We now have the extraordinary situation of the AFP doing owner-occupier checks for YIS [Yugoslav Intelligence Service, UDBa/SDB] officers enabling them to carry out intelligence gathering interviews in Aust. [Australia]."

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Triple M (MMM ) - Murder Mystery in Munich ? Sambevski case!

by Sasha Uzunov

ANOTHER GERMAN SHOCK ! - hot on the heels of Germany's demolition of Brazil 7-1, we deliver another German shock, a World exclusive breaking story brought to you by TEAM UZUNOV.

WORLD EXCLUSIVE - German Police can't locate file on the alleged suspicious death of Macedonian dissident Blagoja Sambevski in 1974. No record of murder taking place.

Munich City Police has just released a statement saying that there was no recorded murder of Blagoja Sambevski on the night of July 31/ August 1, 1974 in the city of Munich.

This has come as a bombshell. It contradicts claims made by Slovenian author Roman Leljak that the German police had re-opened the case.

We will keep you posted on any further developments from the Bavarian State Police.

Our previous story on Sambevski - see link


The email from the Munich City Police (Bavarian State Police).

On 07/07/2014, at 9:56 PM, "(PP-MUE)" <> wrote:

Sehr geehrter Herr Uzunov,

leider kann ich Ihnen keine Auskunft zu dem vonIhnen angeführten Fall machen.

Weder bei der Polizei in München, noch bei der Staatsanwaltschaft München I gibt es Unterlagen zu Blagoja Sambevski.

Es gab in München tatsächlich Tötungsdelikte in dem von Ihnen erwähnten Zusammenhang, allerdings war eine Person namens Sambevski hier nicht betroffen.

Im Moment recherchiere ich noch im Archiv der Landeshauptstadt München, ob dort ein Todesfall unter dem namen Blagoja Sambevski verzeichnet ist. Dies kann allerdings noch einige Zeit
in Anspruch nehmen.

Sollten Sie zwischenzeitlich weitere Informationen zu den Umständen des Todes von Herrn Sambevski haben, informieren Sie mich bitte darüber.

Eventuell hat Herr Sambevski unter anderen Personalien hier gelebt. Allerdings ist im Zeitraum 31. Juli/ 01. August 1974 in München tatsächlich niemand ermordet worden.

Aufgrund derOrganisationsstruktur der bayerischen Polizei kann ich allerdings nur für den Bereich der Landeshauptstadt und den Landkreis München sprechen.

Sollte ich weitere Informationen erhalten, werde ich Sie benachrichtigen.