Thursday, October 08, 2009


Victoria Barracks, Melbourne, vandalised with anti-Afghan War slogans. Photos copyright Sasha Uzunov 2009.



Photos taken Thursday, 8 October 2009 at 4pm.

In eerie overtones of the controversial Vietnam War (1962-72) where opponents targeted war memorials and military installations, anti-Afghan War graffiti was daubed all over the front wall of the historic Victoria Army Barracks in the heart of Melbourne, Australia

The slogans in white paint read: WHITE WASH, 8 YEARS TO(O) LONG, TROOPS OUT.

A small protest was held outside the gates of Victoria Barracks with no more than 5 or so people.

Victorian State Police were seen confiscating blue buckets with white paint. It is not known if any arrests were made or who had vandalised the historic bluestone walls of Victoria Barracks, which contains no combat troops.

Three protestors, two dressed in white jump suits and a beared gentleman held a media conference at the front gate. The bearded man said that "Afghan was becoming another Vietnam."



SapperK9 said...

Eerie overtones. One question, "Can this have impact on the morale of the Diggers in Afghanistan?"

If the answer to that is yes, then the lessons of Vietnam and what this nation did to its Veterans has not been learned.

If you must target something(body) then organise against the politicians, not the Armed Forces or its infrastructure, Diggers feel that as pain and it hurts...

Anonymous said...

The stupidity of these protesters astounds me, it is not the soldiers that went there it was the Government that sent them, so protest against the Government.
However, our soldiers are trying to rid that country of an oppresive regime that does not listen to voice of a peacefull protest. I would like to ask the protesters, how long would they last in Afganistan if they protested against the Taliban?

Anonymous said...

we wernn't there against the diggers, as mentioned in the story, there are no combat troops there; Vic Barracks is administrative and as SapperK9 says, we should organise against the politicians. We are hassling pollies, but also the heartless admin of the military, we have never and will never hassle grass roots working soldiers (they are our families too).

We believe that the best way to support the soldiers id to bring them home from an immoral war.

As to the lessons of Vietnam; we lost 500 soldiers in the war but since that time over another 1000 have committed suicide; alcoholism, drug addiction and other forms of PTSD are rife, the soldiers, their families and their communities are still suffering. The Australian Government have not learnt this lesson and continue to abandon vets and their families (the recent news of the Till family is only one case in point). Our point is 'learn the lessons of Vietnam!'

Stop using brave and loyal Diggers to fight immoral wars for commercial interests. Leave them to do what they have pledged to 'Defend Australia'.

As to Comrade Uzunov's concern about vandalising the historic bluestone walls, we used a whitewash made of hydrated lime, salt & water: it comes off with soap and water.

No arrests were made, the point was made and everyone went on their way.

Far from dishonouring diggers, we honour all people, from all sides killed in dishonourable wars.

'the bearded gentleman' from the story

Fiona said...

"Bearded Gentlemen" your actions will haunt the soldiers for the rest of their lives.

You are using them as a pawn in your activism. Go directly to the problem - politicians. Don't use those courageous people, who will lay down their lives for yours, as a tool to get your message across.

Distasteful, hurtful, and pointless.

Anonymous said...

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