Monday, September 08, 2008



Aussie infantry 'won't engage Taliban'

The Age -

September 8, 2008 - 5:56PM

The federal government is not actively considering deploying infantry soldiers to take on the Taliban in Afghanistan, Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon says.

Mr Fitzgibbon played down reports infantry soldiers would be sent to Oruzgan province as part of the offensive battle against the Taliban insurgency.


Comment: Talk about confusing signals. First it was the infantry allowed to do its job but now the Defence Minister has backed off. Talk about sending confusing signals.

It is not a question of sending more troops but the precise use of troops. We do not want to burn out our Special Forces. It looks like the Federal government is too afraid to let go of the Nelson-Howard doctrine of making the SF do all of the fighting regardless of the long term consequences.


Anonymous said...

Well, as the Defence Minister for Australia, it is probably wise not to give away exactly what the deployment strategy is, in the public press; I am sure the infantry will do something over there...... LP

Anonymous said...

It is wise of the Defence Minister not to disclose exactly what Aussie infantry will be doing there, don't you think? LP