Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Australian Rules Football super club?

I wanted to bounce a crazy idea and would appreciate any feedback from readers, a super Australian Rules Football merger or joint venture between the two existing clubs Melbourne Demons and North Melbourne Kangaroos to be called Melbourne United Kangaroos (MUK) with a playing strip of all blue? Perhaps Port Melbourne in the Victorian Football League could act as a feeder club? 

It could be a successful joint-venture like Wests and Balmain in the National Rugby League (NRL) of Australia; both Melbourne and North Melbourne would still exist but would "sponsor" a joint team in the Australian Football League. It could be a powerhouse with the pooled resources. The names are almost the same and both share blue as a major colour.

Your thoughts?

Above photo by Sasha Uzunov 2011 of Melbourne United Kangaroos. Digitally altered image.
Below photo of Melbourne Demons (left) and North Melbourne Kangaroos (right). Photo by Vince Caliguri / The Age newspaper


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