Monday, August 06, 2018


IVANOV UNDER PRESSURE AND RACIST ATTACKS - must withstand says Alliance coordinator Janko Bachev

by Sasha Uzunov
Skopje, Macedonia

An alliance of 28 political parties, NGOs and civic groups have signed an agreement to lead a boycott against a scheduled referendum on Macedonia changing its name in order to join NATO and the EU. see link here

The coordinator of the alliance is Mr Janko Bachev of the Edinstvena Makedonija (United Macedonia) party.

TEAM UZUNOV blog asked Mr Bachev after the signing:

TEAM UZNOV blog: There is enormous pressure being exerted by the US, EU and NATO on Macedonian President George Ivanov to buckle to change the Republic of Macedonia’s name

Simultaneously there is a nasty racist campaign against the President by various figures such as
Muhamed Zekiri [ethnic Albanian and Vice President of the ruling SDSM party] and Borjan Jovanovski [pro US Serb media pundit]. Can the President withstand all of this pressure?

JANKO BACHEV: We’re hopeful President Ivanov will focus solely on the state and national interests and will withstand whatever pressure is applied whether internal or external

And he wont repeat the episode when he granted a mandate for [Zoran] Zaev to form government and we’re all aware that he did so after American [Diplomat] Hoyt Yee had the night before talked the President into changing his mind about opposing Zaev

This time we have to send a strong appeal because this time its about Macedonians being wiped off the world map of nations

And this time we believe he will endure whatever the threats against him might be.

All of us who have entered this cause; who have strong wish and will to defend Macedonia, have to operate on one idea and that is all of us are ready to live, work and if necessary die for Macedonia.

Audio in Macedonian with English subtitles

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