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by Sasha Uzunov
Skopje, Macedonia
Friday 31 August 2018

MONTY PYTHONESQUE? - A Zoran Zaev love fest organised by the EU to condemn right wing nationalism but the Dutch Ambassador to Macedonia refused to condemn Albanian right nationalism/extremism in Macedonia. 

The real purpose is to back Macedonia’s Prime Minister Zaev into changing Macedonia’s name - a controversial referendum will be held on it on 30 September 2018 - in order to gain EU and NATO membership by removing the veto of Greece and Bulgaria - both members of the two aforementioned international alliances. 

It’s like holding a convention of international vegetarian activities who tell people not to eat meat but they themselves eat beef hamburger or a hot dog in front of you. Hypocrisy, no doubt.

TEAM UZUNOV contacted the Dutch Ambssador Mr Wouter Plomp more than a month ago via email with a list of questions. The Ambassador had not responded so we asked him in person at the event on Friday. He felt he couldn’t condemn Nazis because he had guests in town. See and hear the video attached below. Bizarre - and I have overused that word since my arrival in Macedonia last month- sums it up.

Raw footage - In what can only be described as truly bizarre and Monty Pythonesque, the Netherlands Ambassador to Macedonia, Mr Wouter Plomp, refused to condemn right wing Albanian extremism in Macedonia, in particular the building of World War II Albanian Nazi collaborator statues in Macedonia post 2001 by pro West Albanian politicians. 

Mr Plomp was an official guest at an EU Social Democratic forum in Skopje, Macedonia in which key note speakers condemned right wing extremism in Europe but making no mention of Albanian right wing extremism in Macedonia.

Event "the “Macedonia Looking Forward: It’s Time to Catch the Train to EU” international conference organised by the Progress Institute for Social Democracy.

Key speakers: Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, Ernst Stetter, the Secretary General of Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), Maria Joao Rodrigues, MEP. Holiday Inn, Skopje, Macedonia. Friday 31 August 2018.

Ambassador Plomp has readily advertised his concern for the Holocaust - tweeting on social media - but refused point blank to condemn WWII Albanian Nazi collaborator statues. That’s truely bizarre but hammers home the EU cynicism in that it will support anyone - despite their extremism and in this particular instance the Albanian political bloc in Macedonia - so long as they or it support the EU / NATO agenda. 

Background story to Albanian Nazi statues in Macedonia at this clip below 

Canadian Macedonian pundit Mark Branov, a spokesman for the Macedonian civic organisation, Makedonium, was bemused by Ambassador Plomp’s reaction:

"On their home turf, western politicians routinely condemn the horrors of WWII. But when asked to condemn neo-Nazi statues in ethnic Albanian neighbourhoods of Macedonia, those same officials are suddenly shy. A NATO-backed army of terrorists attacked the country in 2001, and ever since, there has been an active campaign to whitewash the historical record of ethnic Albanian extremism. After all, Ali Ahmeti is still in charge, and he is still one of NATO’s most valuable pawns in the region.”

Mr Branov, an international education consultant whose profession has taken him to India, was in Macedonia last year to eye ball the situation. He is a former Media Director for advocacy group, United Macedonian Diaspora, headquartered in the US.

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