Tuesday, September 25, 2018


A former US State Department official may have been the academic gun for hire, the shooter, behind the controversial Prespa Agreement, signed by both Greece and Macedonia, which aims to change Macedonia’s name and identity, according to an influential American Macedonian lobbyist with ties to US politicians.

According to him, “much of what you know as the Prespa Agreement, allegedly written by Greek and Macedonia officials, was actually written at the Brookings Institute in the US.”

More specifically, the source told TEAM UZUNOV, the key activity was done by Dr. Amanda Sloat, a Robert Bosch Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institute, one of the influential American think tanks. see link here

Like many of the others lurking in any around Macedonia during its three-year political crisis, Sloat has ties to the former Obama Administration: she was the deputy assistant secretary for Southern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean Affairs at the State Department, where she was responsible for U.S. relations with Cyprus, Greece, and Turkey as well as for coordinating European engagement on Middle East issues.

Previously she worked on other issues, like Britain, Scotland Northern Ireland, but by working on Turkey, the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey throughout the entire Obama Administration, Sloat would have worked closely with now US Ambassador to Macedonia Jess Baily, who came to Macedonia after serving for several years as Deputy Chief of Mission in Ankara. Considering his behavior in Macedonia, it’s no surprise to know that Baily was also considered as controversial by the Turkish government during his time there.

According to this Washington source, the US administration used Brookings as a “side office” for creation of the Prespa Agreement. “Sloat was included in the draft text given on May 24 to Greek Foreign Minister Kotzias in Washington DC,” the diaspora official told TEAM UZUNOV. “The basic agreement was reached on both sides the next day in the UN.”

It was made to appear that it had been the work of both Greece and Macedonia, without any foreign interference.

TEAM UZUNOV blog has contacted Dr Sloat via email and telephone and left a message with her Personal Assistant at the Brookings Institute, Mr Ted Reinert, who said he had no inkling of any involvement of Dr Sloat with the Prespa Agreement. Should Dr Sloat reply, TEAM UZUNOV will publish the response.

TEAM UZUNOV BLOG releases emails

- one sent to US Ambassador Jess Baily-  about Dr Amanda Sloat, ex US State Department official, asking if she is the real author of the Prespa Agreement.

Original email sent to Dr Sloat and a follow up to her Personal Assistant Mr Ted Reinert at the Brookings Institute. (please note the hotmail account is set to Australian Eastern time +8 hours from Macedonia).

Macedonian senior government minister, Justice portfolio, Mrs Renata Deskoska, says she doesn’t know who wrote the Prespa Agreement and won’t comment on claims that former US State Department official Dr Amanda Sloat is said to be the real author.

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